The top financial tools any seller should use for their store in 2021

We’ve heard it all from you before…your cash is tied up in inventory, you need a better, secure payment method and your taxes are only getting complicated as you add more channels. 

Scaling an eCommerce business properly requires getting a top-notch financial tool to scale along right with you. 

After vetting hundreds of tools, we talked to reps from the companies themselves and cherry-picked the stand-outs displaying easy plug-in qualities, responsiveness to customers and a compelling value proposition. 

Here are some useful tools to auto-run your eCommerce store, whether they are a means of receiving timely payments, cash advances when your inventory is tied up, payment processing and more. We’re thrilled to announce our financial tools list of 2021.

Catching Clouds 

Specialty: Accounting services

Why we chose Catching Clouds: Catching Clouds piqued our interest because not only do they provide world-class accounting service, they actually specialize in helping eCommerce sellers. Catching Clouds helps grow multi-channel businesses by providing current, accurate, and actionable financial information. 

When you sign up for Catching Clouds, the company does an initial assessment of your business and then provides virtual controller and bookkeeper services combined with the accounting cloud tools, design, and management necessary to be their customers’ complete accounting department. Catching Clouds customers sell on multiple marketplaces and shopping carts, with Catching Clouds acting as their eCommerce accountant. 

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Specialty: Inventory and Marketing Funding

Why we chose Clearbanc: Clearbanc is the largest eCommerce investor in the world, investing $1.5 Billion into nearly 4,000 E-Commerce businesses.

Deliverr loves Clearbanc because they do not take equity or personal guarantees, and can invest between $10,000 to $10 Million into your business. We think they are a great partner to help you grow as sellers who take Clearbanc Capital grow on average 2x faster than their peers.

Clearbanc can pay for your inventory and you only pay them back when it sells. They are also a great partner to fund your 2-Day shipping ads.

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Specialty: Inventory funding

Why we chose Kickpay: Kickpay is your solution for purchasing more inventory, increasing marketing budget, and financing for new product launches. What makes Kickpay different is that they leverage your inventory and shipment data, meaning the company will promptly analyze its funding amounts based on inventory on hand, out of stock situations, and more (requiring as little as just 3 months of sales history).

This allows Kickpay to often finance larger amounts of up to $1M at cheaper rates: fixed fees from 4% to 6%.  Thanks to Kickpay’s smart predictive algorithm, you’re also able to see how many sales you missed out on from stockouts, future sales, and cash flow and estimations. 

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Specialty: Inventory funding

Why we chose KickFurther: CPG brands can sell more inventory before ever paying for it with Kickfurther inventory funding. Kickfurther empowers growing CPG businesses to grow faster by funding enough inventory to meet demand without draining their bank account of funds needed for marketing, development, and growth. 

These businesses improve margin by unlocking volume-based ordering discounts while eliminating costly out-of-stock scenarios. Businesses selling through any combination of direct-to-consumer, online, wholesale, or retail channels fund inventory are free to make payments only once sales begin. This eliminates the cash-flow pinch traditionally caused by the significant delay between paying suppliers and receiving payment from retailers. 

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Specialty: Capital advance

Why we chose Payability: Payability can fund your Amazon, Walmart, Shopify, and other eCommerce stores with capital advances of up to $250k and accelerated daily payouts. There are no credit checks, no complicated paperwork, and no hidden fees. 

To get started, you can simply connect your eCommerce channels and get an offer within 24 hours. With over $3.5 Billion of growth capital deployed, Payability remains one of the largest and most established eCommerce funding solutions. 

We worked with Payability to get an exclusive offer for Deliverr merchants. Start off with a $200 sign-on bonus when you apply and get funded today!

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Specialty: International Transactions and Capital Advance

Why we chose Payoneer: We love how Payoneer empowers you to scale your business globally and domestically with a payments and working capital platform.

With Payoneer, you can get paid by any of the world’s leading marketplaces, pay your suppliers and VAT for free, and manage multiple stores in one place. You can also finance the next stage of your business growth with instant working capital available at low rates.

Payoneer’s Capital Advance program offers cash boosts for your business (up to $500,000) based on the performance of your Amazon or Walmart store. When you receive offers, you can get the funds instantly with no interest, no checks, and just one fixed fee. Each offer features a convenient gradual settlement from your future receivables. Find out more about Payoneer’s Capital Advance today and for more information contact or click here and their experts will speak to you further about your brand goals for 2021.

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Specialty: Payments

Why we chose Worldpay: Worldpay from FIS is a global, leading provider of technology solutions for merchants, banks, and capital markets firms. With offices everywhere, Worldpay is a trusted solution to help clients accept payments – any type, anytime, and anywhere. Like Deliverr, Worldpay partners with major platforms like Shopify and BigCommerce to better help and understand clients’ business obstacles, needs, and goals. With the platform’s advanced technology and half a century of industry insights, Worldpay can solve business-critical challenges and deliver fast, secure, and global experiences.

Check out Worldpay’s latest report, the Generation Pay Report, outlining key trends across all demographics about what consumers look for in merchants and how they adopt new technology. Worldpay from FIS delivers the reach, revenue, and responsiveness expertise necessary to handle all your payment processing needs.

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Yardline Capital

Specialty: Funding

Why we chose Yardline Capital: Yardline Capital understands eCommerce sellers on a whole different level. They can provide up to $1MM in growth capital to help you accelerate your presence on eCommerce marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Shopify, and many more.  Need cash for inventory, logistics, marketing, or to cover seasonal cash flow dips? They’ve got you covered.

Just apply through a simple online application process which just takes a few minutes, and you can receive a decision as soon as the same business day. Backed by Thrasio, the top acquirer of Amazon FBA businesses, Yardline can also work with you to uncover additional ways to accelerate your online sales. From their Yardline 50 Business Assessment to getting you tips and recommendations from an expert Seller Success Manager, Yardline is a great growth capital partner to help optimize and scale your eCommerce business.

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