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BFCM Prep Hub

Ensure your inventory is sales-ready for commerce’s biggest event with these reminders, deadlines, and tips.

BFCM Peak Surcharges
2022 peak season announcements

Everything you need to know about changes happening to Deliverr’s fulfillment and logistics services during peak season. Updated weekly.

2022 Peak Surcharges
2022 peak surcharges

Don’t settle for expensive surcharges this peak season. Get a comprehensive view of what peak rates you’ll pay on top of regular package pricing using Deliverr versus self-shipping with carriers.

Inbounding deadlines & fulfillment cutoff dates

Ensure your inventory is available in the Deliverr network for BFCM. Learn about this year’s inbounding deadlines and fulfillment cutoff dates at our cross-dock and fulfillment centers, as well as for each of our Logistics Services.

Storage Fees
Removal restriction timelines & storage fees

Make space for prime BFCM inventory. Prepare for changes to Deliverr SLAs and forwarding deadlines for removals, and plan for additional fees if moving inventory into Deliverr storage.

Adjustments to claims windows
Adjustments to claims windows

With a higher volume of orders comes increased risk for damages and lost orders. See changes to Deliverr’s order claims policy to ensure you report any issues within our updated window.

Recommended purchase-by and ship-by dates

It’s important to have a delivery experience that’s timely, transparent, and tactical during the holidays. Learn about important order- and ship-by dates so you can properly prepare.