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Qualifying sellers in the Amazon FBM program are eligible to upgrade their listings to premium shipping by using Deliverr 1-day and 2-day rates. We offer standard rates for those who don't qualify for premium.

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Day 1
Get Started

Connect your listing tool that connects Deliverr and Amazon to enable cost previews for each item in your catalog. In the meantime, create secondary SKUs for FBM!

Day 4-8
Send Inventory

Pick the items you want to send, and Deliverr will guide you step-by-step on how to ship to us. You can even use our discounted shipping rates!

Day 5-10
Set up Deliverr to fulfill orders

Designate your desired shipping speed — standard or expedited — in Amazon, and we’ll take care of the rest. Then, simply use your tool to route orders to the Deliverr warehouse. That’s it; you’re done!

Day 5-10
Start Selling

Once we receive your inventory, we will sync with Amazon so that orders automatically start flowing in. We’ll do all the heavy lifting from here.

Find out how much your items are going to cost.

Visit our cost calculator to see pricing for your items.

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Frequently Asked Questions ?

How do I use Deliverr to fulfill FBM orders?

You can connect Deliverr and Amazon with our direct integration or a third party listing tool. We recommend creating secondary SKUs for FBM, then using Deliverr for your FBM orders. All the steps are outlined here!

How much does this cost?
All of our costs are transparent and upfront! Go into your Seller Portal in Deliverr, and visit your inventory page. Select the “Amazon” cost preview — and voilà. You can also view rates by visiting our cost calculator.
How do I become eligible for fast shipping options (not standard)?

You may be pre-approved for premium shipping on your listings — which means you can use Deliverr’s 1-day and 2-day rates for your Amazon items. Make sure you indicate your desired speed in Amazon Seller Central. Look here for more information on how to make this happen.

Can I connect Amazon directly to Deliverr?

Yes, you can connect Amazon directly to Deliverr! You can also use a listing tool if you prefer. We have a multitude of integrations (listing tools and sales channels) that we support. See all of our supported integrations here.

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