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Kids N’ Such reaches $500k run rate in 5 months with Walmart fast shipping tags and performance ads

Deliverr client Kids N’ Such provides high quality motherhood accessories that help moms with small children conquer motherhood. Their focus is on highly functional and highly fashionable products that give mothers their own sense of identity and make their day-to-day endeavors more enjoyable.

Before working with Deliverr, Kids N’ Such used a 3PL with one warehouse that shipped orders across the USA. Having only one warehouse location limited their shipping speeds for multiple regions, which meant fast shipping tags didn’t show for shoppers nationwide. Kids N’ Such signed up with Deliverr via our Sellbrite integration to speed up delivery time and get access to 2-day shipping fast tags on Walmart.

We spoke with Co-founder Justin Dyson to hear about his experience with fast shipping and Deliverr.

Combining fast shipping tags and ads

“Sales have almost tripled since introducing 2-day shipping to about ¾ of our product catalog. This is in conjunction with about ½ of our catalog utilizing Walmart Performance Ads.” – Justin Dyson

After Kids N’ Such introduced Walmart Free 2-Day Shipping and Walmart Performance Ads for approximately 75% and 50% of their catalog respectively, their sales have near tripled from $15,000 per month to a current run rate of $43,000 per month.

Within less than half a year, they were able to reach a half a million run rate on Walmart with fast shipping tags and CPC ads.

Fast shipping is vital for brands for a few reasons:

  • It boosts conversions and captures the last minute shopper
  • Modern shoppers have come to expect it
  • It encourages shoppers to focus on service, rather than price, protecting your margins
  • It boosts your listings’ visibility with the bright green tags and filtering options
  • You show up in filtered results above competitors that don’t provide it

Walmart Performance Ads

Walmart Performance Ads are pay-per-click ads that showcase your listings when shoppers type in certain search terms. They’re shown in strategic locations, such as category pages, search pages, and product detail pages.

These ads are excellent for visibility, but even more importantly, they help you launch and grow new products in the Walmart Marketplace. Being able to get traction for new listings and test new SKUs in the marketplace allows sellers to grow their business and keep it sustainable year after year.

Tip: Deliverr sellers get pre-approved access to Walmart Free 2-Day Shipping and Walmart Performance Ads. See your Walmart dashboard for more details.

The Deliverr experience

“We have a very personalized experience with Deliverr. Many of our suggestions are taken into consideration and then turned into actual updates on their platform. Very few companies listen to their customers these days and it’s refreshing to see the time and effort Deliverr puts into improving their platform and functionality.” – Justin Dyson

Being able to offer 2-day shipping, differentiating their listings, and using Walmart Performance Ads has given Kids N’ Such a great advantage of their competitors. They were strategic in using all the tools Walmart Marketplace had to offer, and today stand as a prime motherhood accessory provider across all the channels they sell on.

Kids N’ Such uses our Sellbrite integration.

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