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3 Amazon-powered review features to help you get more stars

This is a guest post from Jeff Lieber and his team from TurnKey Product Management, an Amazon consulting company. TurnKey Product Management boasts 12+ years of Amazon experience, 150K+ products sold, and more than 8-figures in revenue made for their clients in 2019.

By show of hands, who is currently struggling with getting reviews? Have you ever paid to get reviews? Have you had friends and family leave reviews? Do you have a plan in place for bringing in a steady flow of reviews? If not, you’ve got some work to do, but we’re here to help.

TurnKey helps Amazon sellers form strategies for getting customer reviews while also complying with Amazon’s TOS. Increasing the quality and quantity of your customer reviews should be at the top of your priority list when it comes to where to put your energy as a seller on Amazon.

This article will focus on 3 ways Amazon actually helps sellers get reviews.

What are Amazon-powered reviews?

Review features that Amazon actually provides for sellers, in order for you to get reviews and remain compliant. Some of these programs are offered for free within Seller Central and others you need to sign up for for a fee.

Either way, we are seeing tremendous success with our clients using these Amazon review strategies and we urge you to choose 1-2 that feel like a good fit for your business and then develop a system around collecting those reviews.

So, what does Amazon offer to sellers?

1) Request Review

In Seller Central, under the Orders tab, click on Manage Orders. Then when you click into Order Details, there’s an option to Request a Review.

You can send this request anywhere from 0-30 days after an order is placed. This option is free to sellers and incredibly simple to roll out.

At the very least, you should have someone on your team tasked with sending out review requests once a week.

While autoresponder guidelines have gotten tighter and more restrictive when it comes to soliciting reviews, you can feel confident that you are not only able to ask a customer for a review but you are also playing by the rules.

We recommend waiting at least a week before requesting a review for the product, to ensure it has time to arrive and they have time to use it. Especially right now with shipping delays for many, you don’t want to ask for a review before they even have the product.

For any consumable products like supplements, wait a little longer so the customer has more time to form an opinion of the product. You don’t want to end up with a negative review just because you asked for it too early.

Tip: To request bulk reviews, Jungle Scout has a great tool for that and you can add it as a Chrome Extension. No more requesting reviews one at a time.

2) Early Reviewer Program

This is where sellers pay $60 for up to five reviews. You are enrolled in the program until you have five reviews for up to a year.

While these reviews are not guaranteed, we’ve never seen a client not get their full five reviews, though the rate at getting the reviews can definitely vary.

Amazon incentivizes the reviewer to leave a review, so this is a great program for customers and sellers.

Tip: You may think that five reviews are inconsequential and not worth your time. That just isn’t true. Especially for products just launching on Amazon, getting those first reviews can be the hardest. Without credibility from reviews, customers naturally toggle away from the listing.

If you are launching a new product or have less than 15 reviews, we highly recommend signing up for the Early Reviewer Program, because you can’t underestimate the difference five reviews can make.

3) Amazon Vine

In Seller Central, under the Advertising tab, click on Vine. This is a free feature to enroll in, and it only costs you the cost of the product.

The cool thing is that you can gift up to 30 Vine Voices product in exchange for their review within 30-days.

So if you already have 10 reviews on a product, you can only send 20 products out to be reviewed. As a free feature, this is an incredible opportunity to not only get up to 30 reviews for free, but you have the power of influence that comes from those 30 reviewers as well.

Plus, these Vine Voices are people that are seeking out opportunities to write reviews. Of course they are doing it for the free product, but they also have experience crafting reviews, and their feedback would be a welcome addition in your customer reviews.

Tip: Vine reviews used to cost sellers thousands of dollars when they ran it through Vendor Central, but it’s completely free through Seller Central. Give it a try on one of your lowest reviewed products to really maximize the number of reviews that can come from Vine.


Reviews are one of the most powerful tools that Amazon sellers should be leveraging. By using Amazon-powered review features like Request Review, the Early Reviewer Program, and Amazon Vine, even new sellers can supercharge their review strategy.

With 2 out of 3 of these offered completely for free, rolling out one (if not all) of these strategies is a no-brainer. If your product is struggling with reviews, it is 100% holding you back from increasing your sales.

People shopping on Amazon rely on reviews to educate them and persuade to buy one product over another. Customer reviews should be a top priority in your business, and if you don’t already have a system in place, today’s the day to get started.

While these features are very user-friendly, bringing in an expert to help you along the way is always a bonus and can definitely help you to see your products full potential on Amazon.

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