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Deliverr Updates and Category Performance – 5/19

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Deliverr Updates

As of May 19, 2020

Governments are considering warehousing an essential sector to the supply chain and, thus far, no states are requiring them to oblige to the mandatory shut of business.

[as of 5/18/20]: Inbound delays of 72+ hours. Standard orders possibly delayed shipping for 24 hours. On-time delivery is not affected. Monitor status here.


Sending inventory to Deliverr – [as of 5/18/20]: SLA has been adjusted from 48 to 72 hours for receiving inbounds.

Information from NIH and CDC has informed us that the COVID-19 virus can remain viable on cardboard, plastic, etc. for up to 24 hours. With the health of our partner warehouses and their associates top-of-mind, Deliverr will quarantine inbound shipments for 24 hours before actively handling them.

This will extend our receiving SLA from 2 to 3 business days for compliant inbound shipments. We’re deeply sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Deliverr is still accepting new inbounds at this time for both essential and non-essential categories.


Order shipping and delivery – [as of 5/18/20]: Standard orders possibly delayed shipping for 24 hours. On-time delivery is not affected.

Standard orders with expected ship dates on Monday may be pushed to Tuesday ship day. On-time delivery will NOT be affected.

We will continue to comply with the marketplace policies on Walmart, Wish, Amazon and eBay to ensure this does not result in any negative feedback on our merchant accounts.

Fast Tag Coverage

[4/24/20] – We are continuing to experience on-time performance issues with our core carriers. This will temporarily result in greater reductions in Fast Tag coverage for most of the network.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all major carriers including FedEx, UPS, DHL and USPS, have suspended service level guarantees.

Number of warehouses SKU is stocked in vs. Fast Tags visible to % of continental US population
  • 4+ warehouses – 25%
  • 3   warehouses – 16%
  • 2   warehouses – 12%
  • 1   warehouse – 7%

These numbers are much lower than our normal coverage levels because of exceptionally below-average on-time performance from our carrier partners and, in some cases, limits on the volume of packages our partners will accept into their networks; we will return to more complete coverage levels as the situation allows

To make up for some of the current limitations of national carriers, Deliverr is expanding its use of regional carrier partners where possible

These are the sales-weighted averages of the % of the US-48 population displayed 2-day Fast Tags, so the actual tag coverage will vary day to day on a given week

Some skus may have higher or lower coverage numbers depending on the specific warehouses they are in.

We monitor on-time performance daily and update Fast Tag coverage accordingly, turning on tags wherever carrier performance allows

Latest FBA Updates

FBA is now accepting inbounds for some non-essential categories, but they are limiting quantities.

FBA Prime delivery times are improving.

FBM listings can beat FBA listings on the buy box if matched on price at a faster delivery time.

eCommerce Category Performance

Category: Home

Home: Kitchen & Dining

Category: Arts Crafts & Sewing

Arts Crafts & Sewing: Scrapbooking

Category: Clothing

Electronics: Cameras & Camcorders

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