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Top 7 Ways to Convert Website Visitors

This is a guest post from Emma Longridge, JivoChat Content Manager. JivoChat is an omnichannel business messenger solution that empowers and transforms website conversion rates. Check them out at

Alright, so you have a bunch of people visiting your website page. A few clicks here and there, and then, within a matter of seconds… your visitor vanishes. No questions, no purchases, nothing. What’s the deal??

Looks like you did a good job advertising your webpage, but something went wrong in the buyer’s purchasing process. This is a typical scenario for many, if not all eCommerce websites.

Since our hesitant visitors seem to quickly bounce on and off our website, how do we convince them to stick around?

Although we may not have all the answers, we’ve constructed a plan for you. Let’s take a look at the 7 top ways to convert website visitors.

7 ways to convert website visitors

How to convert your website visitors

1. Optimize your landing page

The landing page, as the name implies, is where your visitors find themselves after clicking on an element linking to your website. This element could be an ad, email hyperlink, social media mention, and more. To optimize your landing page for conversions, you should create and provide high-quality content in a way to catch a customer’s attention immediately.

Display relevant information on your landing page, such as your product or service’s top features. Don’t forget to include tempting special deals or limited-time offers. Everyone loves visuals! Use photos, diagrams, demographics, and real numbers to demonstrate why your viewer should be interested in you.

Landing pages are a great place to convert your visitors into leads, so be sure to use good CTA’s (Calls to Action) and clean lead capture forms to gather data such as a visitor’s email address.

2. Display trusted partners and testimonials

Ever thought about how the best way to attract a customer to a product is through word of mouth? I know that, personally, if I am recommended a product by a friend or someone I look up to, I’m more inclined to purchase that product based on my own trust in that individual.

Displaying your trusted partners, as well as their opinions on how your product has helped their businesses grow and evolve, is a great way to convince new prospects that your company is professional and worth taking a chance on. Names of partners and success stories can be included on your landing page or anywhere else on your website as long as they’re easily visible to your visitors.

Be sure to display entirely accurate information and make sure your partners are aware and agree with this approach. Most of the time, if your company is really impacting their growth, they’ll be glad to work out a co-marketing tactic to have their brand displayed on your website…a win-win for both of you.

3. Segment your target audience

Understanding your target audience allows you to segment it and improve your digital marketing strategies. This is true for your email marketing campaigns, ads, and even your landing pages.

Let’s use this example:

  1. You sell smartphones.
  2. A new visitor reaches your website by clicking on a directed social media advertisement highlighting your current smartphone promotion.
  3. The product category that your visitor finds themselves on doesn’t satisfy their needs or desires as a consumer.
  4. The audience that would truly be interested in this advertisement isn’t being covered.
  5. Your general interest/response to the ad isn’t sufficient and so your ad fails.

Consider your audience’s preferences and interests, as well as how they came to your website. Consider WHO you are trying to reach and what type of promotional message you are trying to share in order to display relevant offers and make them feel involved.

4. Offer free trials and demos

Offer free trials and demos to your customers. This is especially useful if you’re a software company or a subscription-based retailer.

You can opt to give your potential customers time-limited trials, such as a 15-day or 30-day free trial. You could also let them try out the product/service completely free for a month to see if they like it. It all depends on your company’s product, industry, and what other industry members do.

Again, you would be amiss not to use this opportunity to collect some lead information. Gather useful marketing data through the registration form trial-users fill out while trying your product. That way, you have the opportunity to nurture their interest in your product and one day they may discover a need for it.

The free trial opportunity is a good selling point for your company to show its worth to potential customers. You give potential customers the chance to find out whether your services fulfill their needs or not, which helps their decision-making processes, and hopefully gets you a few customers in return.

This type of opportunity also brings you to customers you know are going to be loyal. Having someone trial-run your product for a few weeks and like it enough to purchase a full package is the type of customer that you actually want, not the non-commital customer that purchases your product/service for 1 day and then drops it right afterward.

5. Increase your potential customers’ sense of urgency

Consider offering time-limited deals, sales or even discount coupons. Prospects at the bottom of your sales funnel that are just looking for an excuse to buy your products or services are more likely to do so after receiving this kind of encouragement.

Consider, also, sending one last message to your visitors before they leave your page. Some companies use triggered pop-ups that encourage customers to stay on the page with messages that encourage a sentiment of loss if they don’t take advantage of a deal. An example: “don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity.” This technique retains visitors by leveraging a sense of urgency and FOMO (fear of missing out).

6. Leverage your customer service

Insightsquared has a great list of statistics that prove how high-quality customer service is critical for a business’ success. For example, Zendesk’s research claims that “82% of consumers stop doing business with a company because of bad customer service.”

It is very common for visitors to have questions regarding products’ details and features, available payment methods, delivery times, and more. Questions like these, if not answered in a timely manner, can result in you losing a potential customer!

Don’t let this happen to you. Provide a way for your customers to get their questions answered and problems resolved as quickly as possible. Consider using a chat widget to guide your visitors through the sales funnel from within your page.

A great online chat solution, such as JivoChat, allows you to monitor your visitor’s behavior and to set up proactive chat invitations based on which website session they’re browsing. Very often, a simplistic “how can I help you?” is everything a potential customer is looking for in order to clear any of his/her doubts.

7. Let your features speak for themselves

No matter how much marketing fluff or promotional language you use, your product/service needs to speak for itself! Put all the information you have out to the public to show HOW your product’s features sell themselves. This could be through a “features” page, FAQ page, user testimonials, and more.

Take a look at Deliverr’s page for an example. Deliverr explains exactly how their customers can improve their sales and general customer satisfaction by scaling their delivery services. There’s a helpful cost calculator that visitors can use and see how much they could save on delivery costs by employing Deliverr’s services.

What now?

Now that you have your tools to be successful, let’s get going! One way to jumpstart your process and finally break the cycle is to get experimental. Perhaps start with upping your content-game on your webpages. Tell a story that uses your features as solutions for your viewers. Perhaps start dreaming up a competition you can host to get new leads.

Have a little humility as well: never forget to keep up with your competitors by observing what they’re doing to convert their own website visitors. At the end of the day, perhaps you could learn something from them.

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