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How to create a Facebook Shop

Facebook has been edging into eCommerce for many years now, but its latest Facebook Shops release has changed the game entirely.

Facebook Shops are a new shopping experience where customers can discover your products, browse your collections, and purchase from you without ever leaving Facebook. This new sales channel’s potential is enormous, with the power to multiply your followers, customer numbers, conversions, and profits.

To help you get started, we’ve created this guide on how to create a Facebook Shop, including how to sync your Deliverr account to fulfill orders automatically.

What are Facebook Shops?

Facebook Shops are full-screen, immersive shop fronts that form a part of your Facebook business page. They enable users to explore, discover, and buy products directly from the Facebook app or website, allowing them to enjoy shopping without the chore of buying.

Facebook Shops come with plenty of features for sellers and buyers, bringing benefits including:

Ease of use

Users can seamlessly scroll posts, discover products, browse shops, and make purchases from within Facebook. Even better, all customer queries, order updates, and tracking information are handled via Facebook Messenger – meaning your customers never have to leave the app.


Facebook Shops take the chore out of buying by combining the fun and personalization of social media with the products and checkouts of online stores. And, the more fun people are having, the more positively they view your brand.


Facebook Shops allow customers to shop on their terms. Some might prefer clicking through to your website for the full experience; others are happier staying on Facebook – either way, you can satisfy both needs.


Facebook has some of the most loyal users out there, with 74% of people returning to the site every day. Combine that statistic with Facebook’s loyalty scheme integration, and you’ve got a powerful channel for driving repeat purchases and CLV.

How to create a Facebook Shop

If you receive an email from Facebook confirming that you can use shops, this six-step guide will help you create a Facebook Shop in no time.

1. Meet the eligibility requirements

First, you must meet the business and set up eligibility requirements for Facebook Shops.

The business eligibility requirements for Facebook Shops are:

The setup requirements for Facebook Shops are:

  • You are the Facebook Page admin
  • You are the Business Manager admin
  • You manage your Facebook Page and catalog in the same Business Manager account

2. Create a Facebook Shop

The quickest way to create a Facebook shop is by connecting and syncing your Shopify store to Facebook. This also means inventory tracking is automatic, and you can manage orders from within Shopify.

To do this, go to Commerce Manager > Get Started > Checkout on Facebook or Instagram > Set up using an eCommerce Platform > Shopify. The on-screen prompts will help you connect your store via the Facebook pixel and sync your catalog of products.

Alternatively, you can create a store and add products manually.

Once finished, click Create Your Shop to open your Facebook shop.

3. Create collections

After opening your shop and syncing your products, you can arrange products into different collections. This enables you to curate your storefront and organize products to drive product discovery.

To create collections, go to Commerce Manager > Create Collection. Give your collection a name up to 20 characters, a description up to 200 characters, a cover image of 800 x 600 pixels, and between 6 and 30 products.

Facebook reviews each collection before going live, which can take up to 24 hours.

4. Customize your Shop

Next, you want to customize your storefront look and feel to build your brand story, attract customers, and drive purchases.

Go to Commerce Manager > Edit. From here, play around with:

  • The layout – selecting a featured collection for the top of your shop and a carousel collection for the bottom of your shop.
  • The style – editing the text size, and the color of buttons and links.
  • The collections – selecting, dragging, and dropping collections across your shop.

Once finished, click Preview, and once happy, click Publish

5. View insights

Facebook Shops store shopping and browsing data that you can analyze to increase success on the platform.

To review your insights, go to Commerce Manager > Insights > Overview. Use the tabs to see shop and individual product performance, including items added to a wishlist, products added to cart, and units purchased.

6. Consider Instagram Shops

Once you’ve set up a shop on Facebook, replicating it on Instagram is simple, and it exposes your business to new audiences and promotion methods.

To get started with Instagram Shops, our recent Introduction to Instagram Shopping has everything you need to know.


How much do Facebook Shops cost?

Facebook Shops are free to set up and run. The only fee you pay is a processing fee when shoppers use the checkout.

How many products can I include in a category

Each category can contain between 6 and 30 different products.

How many products can I tag?

You can tag up to 5 products per image or 20 products per multi-image post.

Can I tag people in product posts?

You can tag people in product posts too, which is great if you’re working with an influencer.

How to use Deliverr to fulfill Facebook orders

Deliverr customers can fulfill Facebook Shop orders alongside their Shopify orders, allowing you to expand your sales channels without worrying about fulfillment.

If your Deliverr account is already configured to fulfill Shopify orders, all you must do is connect and sync your Shopify store with Facebook.

If your Deliverr account isn’t configured to fulfill Shopify orders, follow these steps:

  1. Log into the Shopify dashboard.
  2. Click Products.
  3. Select the relevant products.
  4. Select Deliverr in the Inventory Management By drop-down.
  5. Go to Settings > Checkout > Order processing > After an order has been placed.
  6. Select automatically fulfill the order’s line items. 

You can find full instructions here

And that’s how to create a Facebook Shop and add another string to your online selling bow. 

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