What is eBay Guaranteed Delivery and why should I care?

What is eBay Guaranteed Delivery and why should I care?

Update: eBay has updated their fast tag to display Fast N’ Free. Learn more here.

Are you having trouble getting your products in front of eBay buyers? Getting on eBay Guaranteed Delivery (eGD) will boost your visibility, as potential buyers filter by items that can be delivered within 3 days and increase conversions.

eGD lets customers know exact delivery time for their orders, and allow them to search for products based on their expected delivery date. In this post, we’ll take a look at what eBay guaranteed delivery is and what are the benefits for you as sellers. Then, we’ll show you the easiest way to get on eGD. Let’s dive in.

What is eBay Guaranteed Delivery?

What is eBay Guaranteed Delivery?

eBay Guaranteed Delivery ensures the buyer will receive an order by a specific date, to help customers shop with confidence. To get the full benefits of eGD, eBay sellers need to deliver items to buyers in 3 days or less. Although sellers will be eligible for the program if with 4-day shipping, they won’t show up in the filter for “Guaranteed 3 day delivery.”

Filter by 3-day delivery

How to get on eBay Guaranteed Delivery

Sellers have two different guaranteed delivery options to choose from; a handling time option and a door-to-door option.

eBay handling time delivery option

To use this option, the seller prepares the order within eBay’s time requirements (usually one day or less), and eBay handles shipping. eBay will be responsible for calculating a delivery date for the buyer based on their experience and shipping data.

The eBay handling time option is good for small businesses that only have a few orders at a time and are self-fulfilling. eBay handles the majority of the logistics, setting the delivery date and covering shipping and return costs if an item arrives late (as long as you met the handling time requirement).

If you already have a quick turnaround process, this could be a great low-risk option to offer your customers, but severely limits your coverage. A seller using the handling time option is typically limited to a single warehouse and must ship using eBay’s rates, which means items will not be able to reach everywhere in the USA within 3 days.

eBay door-to-door delivery

“The door-to-door guarantee is a version of Guaranteed Delivery for large sellers with multi-location warehouses. Sellers in this version of the program guarantee their own delivery dates based on their ability to deliver to various regions.” – eBay Guaranteed Delivery

Door-to-door is more desirable for power sellers who can leverage multiple warehouses through their own network or a 3PL. This option allows sellers to offer more coverage and faster delivery times than sellers on the handling time option. When done well, it’s also the more cost-effective option.

With door-to-door, sellers are responsible for calculating delivery dates and ensuring items arrive on time.

This is best for large businesses with high order volumes and plenty of shipping experience, or a seller using an experienced logistics service, because you need a clear of understanding of exact shipping times to different areas.

In this scenario, if a Guaranteed Delivery order is delayed and doesn’t make it to the customer on time, buyers can keep the product and get a refund on their shipping, or return the product with a full refund (and a free shipping label) as per eBay late shipping policy. Since your company would be predicting the delivery date, you will be responsible for handling returns and paying for late shipping fees.

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Why you should be on eGD

Getting items to any buyer in 3 days or less can come as a challenge to most sellers. However, the benefits far outweigh the extra effort.

Why should you start using eBay guaranteed delivery? Let’s take a look at two major benefits for sellers.

Stand out in the increasingly competitive eBay marketplace

Buyers can search guaranteed delivery items by switching on the “Guaranteed 3 day delivery” option in the top right hand corner. Buyers can choose between 1 day, 2 day, 3 day, and 4 day shipping. Offering these options means eligible listings will show up in more searches.

Fast shipping options

This makes your products far more visible in the crowded eBay marketplace and places you in a much better position than your competitors, because customers looking for a quick turnaround time will be able to find you.

Improve your conversion rate

Guaranteeing delivery reduces the risk of making the purchase for your customers. There’s no need to wonder when or if orders will arrive on time. This increases confidence in making a specific purchase (especially if it’s last minute) and in turn improves conversion rates. Our partners have already seen a 10% lift in sales once a listing is eGD enabled, and we only expect this to grow.

Update: We’ve now seen conversions double for sellers since enabling eGD. For updated metrics, check out our eBay fulfillment page.

Strategies for eBay Power Selling

We did a webinar with the eCommerce pros at Sellbrite, where we go over some of the keys to selling on eBay, including…

  • The components of professional listing templates
  • The importance of filling in all your attributes
  • How fast-shipping tags will help you boost conversions
  • How to leverage the eBay catalog

Watch the full webinar here:

Wrapping it all up

Adding eBay Guaranteed Delivery to your account can help increase product visibility, competitive advantage, customer trust, and your conversion rates. It’s easy to set up and can make a huge difference to your business and profits. However, as with any business decision, do the math and make sure it’s profitable for you.

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