Explore How Realm Concept Market Saw A 15% Lift in Sales for Customer Refills

With so many established skincare and cosmetics brands on the market today, breaking into the beauty business is not for the faint of heart. Fortunately, Realm Concept Market was up for the challenge and figured out a way to see positive growth (and see it quickly). Below outlines how Realm was able to scale, and how Deliverr helped them grow sales by 15% just through faster fulfillment.

A Quick Overview of Realm Concept Market

Armed with an immense passion for skincare, Jamilla, the founder and CEO of Realm Concept Market product line relentlessly pursued her goals to create safe and effective products that restore, heal, and maintain the health of your skin. She drew inspiration from mother nature using herbs, roots, and other powerful treasures that rejuvenate the skin and offer holistic healing.

Since the inception of her business, she had to focus on marketing her products effectively to spread her advocacy and maximize sales. With the right tools like Deliverr, her company built a comprehensive marketing strategy that ensured the Realm Concept Market brand successfully created loyal followers to form a real community.

Strategies to Promote the Brand Online

Once Realm Concept Market established the product line and the target customers were identified, the CEO was determined to boost sales by establishing an online presence. Digital marketing was a way to promote products, increase brand awareness, and amplify conversion rates. So, the team at Realm Concept Market set out to do the following:

First, maintain a blog. Sharing various articles proved to be the perfect avenue for new leads and existing clients to learn more about the various beauty products. In addition, blogs help educate customers about the different ingredients, showing the brand’s authority and credibility in this niche. 

Second, they aimed to open doors with social media. Social media was another game-changer when it comes to sharing the Realm Concept Market line. A few ways they utilized social media included:

Sponsored posts

Ads on social media are cost-efficient and effective in getting people to learn more about the products. The various platforms opened doors that allowed them to tap people who are outside their personal network. When social media users see stunning ads, they feel compelled to learn more about the Realm Concept Market brand. 

Offering tips

For Realm Concept Market, social posts are for more than just promotions. They use posts to provide helpful tips that offer value to the readers. Jamilla said, “We pay close attention to language as it can be used interchangeably!” 

For example, readers must know the difference between moisture and hydration to avoid overbuying products that end up unused. Therefore, the company makes it a point to provide very clear descriptions that minimize misunderstandings.

Quick customer engagement

Social media helped Realm Concept Market engage with customers by making it easy for readers to understand how their entire brand story came together. This is an effective approach in creating a true champion of your brand as opposed to just a one-time customer – it offers a more powerful impact than merely looking at a website because social media paves the way for quick feedback. 

Jamilla is also very grateful for women’s health groups and other publications that willingly test out and buy their products. They provide reviews and helpful linkbacks that bring people to their site, and these mentions increase website traffic and drive new leads to explore their product offerings. 

Switching to Deliverr to Help Complete the Refills Program (& Increase Sales by 15%!)

When sales volume increased, Realm Concept Market knew they needed a fulfillment partner to keep up. Apart from their regular sales, they were set to launch a refill initiative (being eco-friendly mattered because as a brand, they want to minimize their operations’ impact on the environment). 

Initially, it was challenging to carry out their goals because they did not have a system in place for these refills. However, by partnering with Deliverr, it became easier to manage the many moving parts and see faster fulfillment as a result. When Deliverr came in, Realm Concept Market saw a 10% to 15% lift in customers using a combination of our Cart Minimums feature to increase average order volume and Fast Tags to help encourage shoppers to buy. Considering the refill program just launched one month ago, these remarkable figures prove that having the right fulfillment partner can hugely impact a company’s bottom line. Now, thanks to faster refills, customers are clearly more likely to buy into a program like this in the future.

Realm Concept Market recently activated Fast Tags on 10+ products with some customers even receiving their products within 1 day! They also enabled our new Cart Minimums feature to increase their average order value. We’re excited to see the results of these changes as we head into the holiday season!

The Importance of Tech-Savvy Tools

For Jamilla, it’s important to have a fulfillment a partner that has allowed her to realize the mission and vision of her brand, including:

  • Boosting revenues
  • Encourage green-friendly initiatives
  • Fulfilling customers’ wishes
  • Showing appreciation with swift deliveries and refills
  • Building better relationships

To date, Deliverr handles the entire logistics of refills, making everything easy to track, ship, package, and get to the customers. 

Because things can get pretty complicated in this type of eCommerce business, tracking plays a crucial role in ensuring everything is in place and you’re set up for success. 

Finding a Deliverr Rep: An Unexpected Blessing

Before Deliverr, the Realm Concept Market team packed and sent everything out by themselves. Now that they have Deliverr at their disposal, they can get items out to customers quickly and efficiently. The CEO shared that in her line of business, timing matters a lot, especially when people have events or trips. 

In addition, it’s crucial to have a fulfillment provider that they can depend on for quality – for example, they get an assurance that their glass products arrive in one piece. They have never had an issue with broken merchandise. 

So how did Jamilla find Deliverr? Fortunately, a Deliverr rep ordered from her company while shopping one day and then helped her make it easy to onboard with Deliverr with a turnaround, end-to-end, of just 2 weeks. A few unexpected benefits:

  • The Deliverr rep, Rachel Campbell, was very willing to work around her schedule and go the extra mile to meet her where she was.
  • Jamilla’s Deliverr account manager was very responsive, from responding to tickets to speaking hopping on the phone as needed. 
  • Deliverr offers easy-to-read FAQs and articles that offer assistance. 

The Final Wrap Up

Right now, Realm Concept Market is seeing amazing conversion rates despite being with Deliverr for such a short time frame. They have put up their fast tags, or 2-day delivery badges, to drum up sales, and for the holidays, they are building bundles and kits to boost their average cart order! 

In the end, every partner you work with as an entrepreneur should help you continue to sell products to as many happy customers as possible, and we can’t wait to see what lies ahead for Realm Concept Market! 

To learn more about Realm or Jamilla, visit Realm Concept Market.com

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