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How to win the Walmart buy box

Since Walmart has opened up their marketplace to third-party sellers, it’s become a battle to offer the best item combination to win the featured listing and “Add to Cart” button over other, similar sellers.

The Walmart buy box rewards sellers who promise and can deliver great products with competitive pricing, consistently.

How do they determine which products make the cut?

How to win the Walmart buy box

Competitive Pricing

The seller with the best pricing has the best chance of getting a sale. This pricing is the total cost to the customer, meaning the listing price and shipping. This is one of the reasons Walmart’s free 2-day delivery program has been so successful.

Note that price parity (e.g. the same product being sold by the same seller on a different sales channel) may also factor in. If you list one price on Walmart and a lower price on Amazon, you run the risk of being de-listed due to price parity rules.

Available Inventory

Inventory levels determine buy box eligibility, because sellers need to ensure they can handle the increased conversions that come with winning a buy box for a product. Can your stock levels handle sudden spikes in demand, or will you end up selling out too quickly to replenish?

Shipping Method / 2-Day Badging

How quickly you can deliver inventory is a crucial factor to winning the buy box. The seller with the fastest shipping method often stands out, so aim for 2-day delivery or NextDay delivery for the best chance.

This complements competitive pricing, so use the two in combination for the best results.

Account Health Metrics

Performance metrics are also important factors, as they indicate how well you deliver on your promises.

The marketplace will look at multiple metrics here, including;

  • Seller history
  • Order defect rate
  • Customer feedback
  • Shipment rates

Content Quality / Listing Completeness

Sellers should create a compelling customer experience with a thorough display of product content. Keep shoppers engaged with complete product descriptions, bullet points, images, and even enhanced content.

Tip: Go beyond completion, and learn how to optimize your Walmart listings


Finally, advertising is key for product discoverability. It boosts your results on search and eventual conversion. Walmart Performance Ads are CPC, meaning you don’t pay unless it works, making it a cost-effective method for increasing your visibility.

Wrap up

Optimizing for the 6 points above will put you in the lead if you’re gunning for the Walmart buy box. Follow our advice and learn more on our blog to help you boost your Walmart sales!

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