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Learn How FiberforDogs Was Able To Increase Margins by 50% With Deliverr

FiberForDogs has been working with Deliverr for over five years now to fulfill their orders. They currently use Walmart Fast Tags, eBay Fast Tags, and Google Fast Tags that ensure speedy and free shipping for all their clients, and they are also currently working on their development kit to add Website Fast Tags. 

The Deliverr Team had a chance to speak with Leslie May, Head of Marketing for FiberForDogs about her experience. She happily noted that people would probably be surprised to realize that their company is a two-man show, which makes their partnership with Deliverr all the more crucial to their success. Leslie explained, “People could never guess it, that it’s just Bernie [the founder] and I. Thanks to Deliverr and their technology, the sales come in and we don’t have to do anything. We concentrate on selling, manufacturing, and giving our clients the best service possible.” 

With Deliverr to fulfill their orders, they can keep the sales going and the company growing. Hear their success story below:

First, a Little Bit of Background: Pawsible Marketing & FiberForDogs

Leslie is actually the head of her own marketing company called Pawsible Marketing. She started in the pet industry 14 years ago after leaving her old tech job, and with her extensive experience in a highly competitive technology market, she became a successful marketing consultant in the pet industry, which she dubbed as a “fun niche” and never looked back.  

FiberForDogs is the first client of Pawsible Marketing to work with Deliverr (and they have been using the company for about five years now), but she has plans for the other businesses in her roster to eventually pivot and use Deliverr as their fulfillment partner as well since she’s had such a wonderful experience. 

Never Too Late to Start Your Own eCommerce Business! Partnering Up and Rebranding 

Leslie started her stint for FiberForDogs when Bernie got in touch with her about a new product he had developed. Bernie has had collies all his life and was always adopting and rescuing them, but sadly, one of his favorite collies by the name of Benjie had bowel issues. The vet prescribed all sorts of medications, but none of them worked. 

Bernie thought he could make a better product fit for canines without all the unnecessary additives like color, preservatives, and sugar in most medicines. So he worked with a vet to come up with a unique recipe containing psyllium husk and dehydrated beetroot powder. Since he couldn’t find what he needed on the market, he ended up developing a new product, affirming the adage necessity is the mother of invention.  

He came to Leslie for help in launching the product. She built the website and crafted a unique marketing strategy for him, including a fulfillment plan! She shared: 

“We chose to rebrand Fiber for Dogs because of the hesitancy to talk about dog digestion in public. We created an engaging brand that was friendly to the ears and that people were more willing to talk about. After we launched Fiber for Dogs on Amazon, I found Deliverr, and we started expanding on other selling platforms.” 

Shipping is a Place to Stand Out! Finding Deliverr 

As Leslie was crafting a marketing plan, she was very clear that she wanted to provide free and fast shipping for all the FiberForDogs clients. It was clear to her that customers wanted this, and if businesses don’t provide it, the customers would look for a different seller who does. At FiberForDogs, they don’t utilize minimum cart orders to be eligible for free shipping. She emphasized, “Shipping is a place to stand out.” 

She was unhappy with their first warehouse, and fortunately, she found Deliverr via Google. Deliverr enabled them to have hands-off sales, meaning she and Bernie didn’t have to worry about shipping, packaging products, or monitoring if they’d already arrived. With Deliverr, they could concentrate more on customer service, growth, and product development, which is very important for a new product that requires educating the audience! 

Ultimately, expanding to multi-channel allowed the company to achieve more reach and success, and adding Fast Tags to their website is the clear next step after the success they had getting product out quickly, accurately, and seamlessly with Google, Walmart, and Amazon Fast Tags (after all, shipping is a place to stand out, right?). Read below to learn more about the advantages that came from this major benefit.

The Deliverr Advantage 

After integrating Deliverr, Leslie and Bernie were able to pay attention to selling and not shipping. With Deliverr, Leslie used her newfound time to explore different platforms to sell the product, which ultimately helped grow the company. 

She reiterated that it’s great that they can integrate Deliverr to their site and not have to worry about shipping out products and making sure customers receive them. She added: 

“Deliverr is the best price we could find anywhere. And as a marketing consultant, I tell my clients how important it is to integrate something like this to their websites. It alleviates the pain of shipping so you can focus on other aspects of running your business.” 

We also briefly spoke with the Owner of FiberForDogs, Bernie, the other half of the two-man/woman show as Leslie mentioned. He also works with Deliverr on a semi-regular basis and had the following experience:

“We’ve watched Deliverr grow over the past couple of years and are so impressed with the developments and capabilities they’ve built. The pricing is clear, allowing us to easily budget and reduce our margins, and though Deliverr serves some of the largest brands, they still make smaller, growing businesses feel just as important! With Deliverr as our 3PL solution, we don’t have to worry about our orders being accurately processed and fulfilled, and we have so much more time to focus on what matters: our customers and our product!”

Reaping Higher Margins with a 50% Reduction in Costs 

Deliverr made it easy for FiberForDogs to live up to their promise to ship free and fast no matter where their clients are. Before, they worked with a warehouse to store their products and forward to Amazon Prime. However, the shipping costs were prohibitive, adversely impacting their profit margins. Leslie said, 

“Finding the right fulfillment partner cut costs tremendously. Everything became more manageable and fast tags really improved sales and margins. Back then, it cost $9 to $10 to ship a jar. Now, it is closer to$4 to $5. Counting the fulfillment fees, we can still safely say that moving from Fiber for Dogs initial warehousing/fulfillment system to our new warehousing/fulfillment system with Deliverr, Fiber for Dogs has seen approximately a 50% reduction in warehousing and fulfillment costs across all our channels.

Leslie continued, adding “This is very helpful because we have about an 85% reorder rate. This means clients that have ordered in the past are bound to order again, so we really prioritize making our customers happy.” As the head of a marketing company, Leslie is excited to share the concept of Deliverr with her future clients. 

Leslie noted, “Deliverr is always on my radar for other clients. I have two in the product development stage and another one is about to launch. We’re definitely looking into Deliverr.”  

Advertising Strategy for Better Outcomes 

FiberForDogs has an education component for its products, so people need to take time to understand and engage with it. 

For this reason, she works hard in sales, marketing, and advertising. She said, “I create ads for Facebook and other channels to drive potential customers to my clients’ online stores. This is what we did for Amazon for Fiber for Dogs and since this strategy worked quite well, we’re utilizing that same strategy with Walmart now that Fiber for Dogs is on the platform..” 

She noted that the dog-owning world is very active and reachable on Facebook, and Facebook advertising is a very cost-effective strategy. 

Additionally, reaching and educating their audience matters more today because people have been more concerned for their pets. She explained, “Since Covid-19 hit, people have been spending more time at home. Last year was a boom for many in the pet industry because people spent more time with their pets.” Right now, their product turnover is fast, and sales are off the charts because of this timing factor.

Looking to the Future 

Right now, the brand still doesn’t have an international shipping offering, but a few clients have ordered via Amazon US and had their orders shipped overseas. Bernie and Leslie will look into that as FiberForDogs expands – the goal is to have more dog owners benefit from their products, so international shipping is the clear next step!  

Because they have a reliable fulfillment partner, FiberForDogs can make future plans and grow their business. When some of Leslie’s clients ask about doing the packaging and shipping themselves, she replies, “You can, but you don’t have to!” There’s a more efficient system like Deliverr that makes running your business more seamless and cost-effective in the long run. FiberForDogs looks forward to its continued partnership with Deliverr and vice versa. 

Are you a dog lover? This holiday season, FiberForDogs wants to remind people to stock up because the vet clinics will most likely be closed. You can check out educational tips like what dogs can and cannot eat, healthy treat suggestions, how to avoid canine pancreatitis and more as you learn more about FiberForDogs here

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