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Why outsource Amazon FBM orders to Deliverr?

When you fulfill your Amazon FBM (fulfilled by merchant) orders with Deliverr, you gain more freedom as an entrepreneur while still taking advantage of the visibility of Amazon’s extremely popular platform. With fast delivery, no contracts, and an ever-expanding warehouse network, Deliverr provides more flexibility to grow your business.

3 Reasons to use Deliverr for FBM

1) Easy onboarding

Merchants can onboard with Deliverr in days, rather than months, to begin fulfilling orders. You just have to sign up, send us your inventory, and then route orders to us for fulfillment. Learn more about the process here.

We never lock merchants into contracts, which means you can outsource your fulfillment to us as long as it works for your business.

Deliverr has transparent pricing, so you can immediately see how much you would have to pay to fulfill a certain item from order to door. No hidden fees or complicated billing that leaves you in the dark. Check out our cost calculator here.

2) Fast deliveries

If merchants have established sales history and meet the performance metrics on Amazon, they may be eligible for Premium Shipping, which could be used with Deliverr’s 1-day and 2-day rates.

(Source: Amazon Seller Central)

This means that sellers could configure their Amazon listings with expedited shipping. Note that manual shipping option mapping would need to be adjusted in your Deliverr Seller Portal account.

Getting fast delivery in place for your items can mean lower cart abandonment rates, happier customers, and better sales.

3) Reliable, resilient fulfillment

Thanks to our asset-light business model, we can onboard new warehouses and expand as demand grows. That means we don’t have to turn away merchants just because our warehouses are full, or we don’t have enough resources to serve a certain location. This helps us serve as many businesses as possible, even during times of crisis.

Next steps

If you’d like to sign up, you can create your free account here. Or, if you’d like to learn more, please schedule a call with us.

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