The Deliverr Podcast – Michele Romanow, Co-Founder of Clearco

We’re excited to announce the Deliverr podcast, where our co-founder Michael Krakaris interviews eCommerce industry leaders for insights to help entrepreneurs succeed.

Our first episode features Michele Romanow, co-founder of Clearco and serial entrepreneur. Michele has a wealth of eCommerce experience – she founded 5 companies before the age of 33 and serves as a Dragon on CBC’s Dragons’ Den, Canada’s version of Shark Tank.

At Clearco, Michele has invested over $2 billion in more than 4500 businesses,
and learned several important lessons about how to succeed in eCommerce along the way.

During this episode we will dive into some of those lessons. Michael and Michele discuss everything from her unique background and advice on how to scale an eCommerce business, to the next big eCommerce channels that will shape the industry.

3 Interesting takeaways

From Coffee, to Caviar, to eCommerce Founder – Michele’s unique background

Michele started her journey in entrepreneurship by launching a sustainable coffee business on campus while studying engineering. Upon graduation, she started a caviar business, and then turned to building eCommerce companies. Listen to the podcast to see how these experiences eventually led her to become Co-Founder of Clearco.

Is Tik-Tok the next growth engine for eCommerce?

Listen to the podcast to hear Michele’s take on how to grow eCommece sales with emerging marketing and sales platforms, like Tik-Tok.

What are the attributes of successful entrepreneurs?

Michele knows a thing or two about being successful in eCommerce — founding multiple companies and helping to fund thousands more has shown her clear trends on what to do, and not to do, to make it in eCommerce. Listen to the podcast to hear her advice.


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