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6 Time-saving services that help you sell on eBay

eBay is one of the most popular and profitable marketplaces to start selling on today. Merchants who are interested in diversifying to eBay, or boosting their current eBay sales can take advantage of the right tools and services to help you sell on eBay and grow your business.

This guide covers the six main areas of eBay business management, and the services you can use to keep your business on a hassle-free route to success.

  1. Product research
  2. Listing and order management
  3. Repricing
  4. Marketing
  5. Fulfillment
  6. Finances

Let’s get this trip on the road.

1. eBay product research tools

eBay product sourcing is an ongoing task, necessary for finding profitable products now and in the future. However, researching potential product ideas is time-consuming. 

eBay product research tools give you a helping hand by generating data on sales, pricing, shipping, selling times, and competitors. This information is perfect for identifying eCommerce niches, predicting trends, and helping you source the best products for success. 

Two popular eBay product research tools are Terapeak and Algopix.


(Source: eBay)

Terapeak is an eBay insight tool that uses eBay’s real-time supply, demand, and pricing data to assist your product research. Access is automatically included with Basic, Premium, Anchor, and Enterprise eBay Store subscriptions.


(Source: Algopix)

Algopix is a multi-channel product research tool that uses extensive catalog data and artificial intelligence to show you which products will perform best on eBay. Pricing starts from $27.99 per month.

2. eBay listing and order management tools

The bulk of any eBay seller’s time is spent on listing products and managing orders, but it doesn’t have to take all of your time.

eBay listing and order management tools help to streamline your business by automating common actions, bulk-performing duplicate tasks, centralizing information, and connecting your eBay store with other channels and software solutions.

Two great eBay listing and order management tools that integrate with eBay and Deliverr include Sellbrite and GeekSeller.


(Source: Sellbrite)

Sellbrite is a multi-channel management tool that lists products in bulk to eBay and other marketplaces, automatically syncs inventory, and routes orders to other partners such as Deliverr. Prices starts from $49 per month.

Offer: Sellbrite is 50% off for the first 2 months for Deliverr merchants. Claim this offer by signing up here.


(Source: GeekSeller)

GeekSeller is another multi-channel tool that automatically updates inventory levels, bulk edits listings, and triggers order management actions based on custom rules. Pricing starts at $200 per month.

Offer: For a limited time, new users get $100 off GeekSeller’s monthly fee when they integrate with Deliverr, here.

3. eBay repricing services

Keeping your prices competitive on eBay is crucial for attracting shoppers, converting sales, and avoiding delisting.

An eBay repricer automatically monitors your competitors’ prices and adjusts yours accordingly – saving you time, maximizing profits, and keeping you competitive.

There are many repricing tools out there, such as SellerActive.


(Source: SellerActive)

SellerActive’s automatic repricer updates prices every 46 seconds, using either algorithmic or rule-based repricing, best suited to your business. SellerActive is also a listing tool, enabling you to benefit from multiple features at the same time. Pricing from $79 per month.

Offer: SellerActive is free for the first 2 months for Deliverr merchants. Mention Deliverr upon sign up to claim. Learn more here.

4. eBay marketing services

To grow your eBay customer base and sales, you must market your eBay products to online shoppers.

Two native eBay marketing services equip you with the tools necessary to increase exposure to the right audiences:

eBay Seller Hub

Through the eBay Seller Hub, you can personalize your eBay shop to your brand, advertise on eBay via Promoted Listings, and run promotions to attract more customers and increase basket size.

eBay Fast ‘N Free

eBay Fast ‘N Free is a fast shipping program that automatically tags eligible listings that offer 4-day delivery for free. While there is no formal application process, your store and listings must qualify for eBay Fast ‘N Free to be considered.

5. eBay fulfillment services

When you first start selling on eBay, it’s easy to fulfill orders in-house from your office, garage, or spare room. Once sales start growing and stock lines start expanding, it becomes more challenging to handle and maintain fulfillment yourself.

An eBay fulfillment service takes the pressure off by storing, picking, packing, and shipping eBay orders for you. This saves you time and gives you the ability to offer shoppers fast and free shipping that qualifies for the Fast ‘N Free tag.

eBay comes with multiple fulfillment options, but here are 3 interesting ones to highlight.


Deliverr is an outsourced eBay fulfillment partner that automatically qualifies your orders for eBay Fast ‘N Free by guaranteeing orders within 2-days or fewer. Deliverr customers also benefit from country-wide coverage and access to transparent, all-inclusive pricing.

eBay Managed Delivery (TBC)

eBay Managed Delivery is an end-to-end eBay fulfillment service run by eBay. It was announced in July 2019 and trialed for the rest of the year. We’re still waiting on word about the future of eBay Managed Delivery, including the launch date, pricing, and multi-channel capabilities.

Multi-channel FBA

Amazon FBA users can use multi-channel FBA to fulfill their eBay orders too. Amazon uses the FBA fulfillment network and warehouse space to deliver multi-channel orders within 2-days. However, eBay has been known to penalize sellers using FBA because of Amazon’s use of branded boxes and incompatible tracking numbers – making this fulfillment method risky.

6. eBay financial software

Once you’ve used the above services to grow your sales, you want a reliable method for tracking your profits.

eBay financial software uses cloud-based accounting to automatically download invoices, calculate taxes, and give you a centralized view of your business finances for eBay and other sales channels.

Two popular cloud accounting tools you can use for this are Xero and Quickbooks.


(Source: Xero)

Xero gives you real-time access to your business financials, as well as inventory, expenses, and payroll tools. Pricing from $9 per month.


(Source: Quickbooks)

Quickbooks is an online accounting tool that can import payments, sort transactions, and allocate sales tax, in addition to providing expenses and payroll functionality. Pricing begins at $25 per month.

Wrapping up

Running a successful eBay business can be hard work, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. There are plenty of eBay services and tools to help you run your eBay business efficiently, profitably, and successfully.

The best way to get started is by taking out free trials to see which services work best for you.

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