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How to start selling on Walmart Marketplace

According to the latest State of Multi-channel eCommerce Survey, more than a third of multi-channel sellers would recommend other online sellers expand to Walmart Marketplace.

For established online sellers, Walmart is the perfect place to scale online. This article is dedicated to sharing how to start selling on

Why Walmart?

Before jumping into how to start selling on, let’s take a quick look at why you should start selling on Walmart.

When it comes to performance, Walmart scores highly, with:

To put these figures into perspective, Walmart brings in almost 14% of the sales that Amazon does, but has only 1-2% of the competition. This makes Walmart a highly attractive and profitable marketplace for online sellers.

How to start selling on the Walmart Marketplace


Walmart Marketplace is a curated community for professional sellers. This means that you need to apply to sell on by first demonstrating that you meet their seller requirements. In addition to having a registered business and warehouse in the US, you must also confirm the following:

  • First-class customer service
  • Unique product assortment
  • History of marketplace or eCommerce success
  • Competitive pricing
  • Fast and reliable fulfillment

1. Apply to become a Walmart seller

Once you’ve determined you meet the requirements to sell on, you’ll need to apply online.

When completing the application, you’ll need to provide:

  • US business address and tax IDs
  • Form W-9 or W-8 and an EIN verification letter from the department of treasury
  • The planned integration method for your product catalog (bulk upload, API or solution provider)
  • The primary product categories, catalog size, and related information about the products you’ll be selling on
  • The method of shipping you’ll be using

If you’re an international seller, you’ll need:

  • US Tax ID/EIN # (IRS Form W-9 )
  • US legal business name
  • International business name
  • International HQ address (non-US)
  • US warehouse(s) address

After submitting your application, Walmart will review and confirm via email if you have been successful.

2. Complete your registration

Once you’ve received an email confirming your acceptance onto Walmart Marketplace, you can complete your registration.

Click on the link in your confirmation email and complete the following account creation steps:

  • Create and confirm a password
  • Review and agree to the Walmart Marketplace Retailer Agreement
  • Confirm your business display name and corporate address
  • Complete a Form W-9 for tax purposes
  • Register with Payoneer, Walmart’s payment partner
  • Confirm your default shipping information

When confirming your shipping information, you will be asked to select your fee structure and methods.

Pricing model

This is how you calculate your shipping fees. There are two options to choose from:

  • The price of the total order (tiers): Select this option if you offer free shipping or charge shipping rates based on order total.
  • Item weight or number of items per order: Choose this option if you charge shipping rates based on the number of items shipped and/or their weight.

Shipping methods and regions

These are the different shipping methods and regions that you support for all of your items.

For each shipping method (value, standard, expedited, and next day), select the regions you ship to by toggling the Enable switch to green and entering the transit time, order price range, and rate.

Note that these are your default shipping options – you can create shipping exceptions later on.

Once finished, click Submit. 

3. Create your profile

Now that you’ve completed your registration, it’s time to fill out your Partner Profile.

Head to your settings in Seller Center and complete the following information.

Company info

Add information about your company for shoppers to see, including your display name, company logo, and a short company description.

Customer service

Provide details on how you handle customer service by entering your Customer Service Policy. This should include a support email address, hours of operation, and a dedicated customer service phone number.

Note that you are limited to 4,000 characters, and links to other websites are prohibited.

Manage contacts

Add details of the people responsible for the five main areas of your business.

  1. Integration/technical
  2. Business management
  3. Customer service
  4. Shipping/fulfillment
  5. Partner performance

You are required to assign at least one contact to each area of responsibility, including their name, email, and telephone number.


Enter your shipping information to set appropriate expectations with your customers. This information includes:

  • Standard processing schedule: The timezone of your shipping location and office closure days
  • Shipping policy: Details about how you handle shipping, limited to 4,000 characters


Configure the default methods, rules, and fees for customer returns by confirming the following:

  • Refund processing time: Currently this must be within 48-hour of receiving the returned item
  • Label printing: Whether you are using the returns shipping service or your own carrier
  • Returns center: Details of at least one returns center
  • Return rules: Your return window
  • Return window: How long customers have to return items (note that the window begins seven days after an item’s ship date)
  • “Keep it” rules: When you will refund orders without requiring the product back

You can alter these options for individual items using the Return Rules Spec, available via Bulk Return Rules Updates.

Privacy policy

Enter a privacy policy that describes how you secure customer data. Note that this is limited to 4,000 characters, and website links are prohibited.


Complete the following information about sales tax:

  • Nexus: Select the state(s) where you collect sales tax
  • Shipping tax code: Provide tax codes for the different shipping methods you support
  • Sales tax policy: Detail your general tax policies and rules

4. Upload your items and orders

Finally, the exciting part of selling on – adding your products and running an optional test order.

Before uploading your products

To add products to, you need to decide on your integration method. You can choose from the following:

  • API: This is the most stable and secure method, but requires technical integration with Walmart. Therefore, it’s best suited to large product catalogs and companies with a technical team.
  • Bulk upload: This is the most common method and involves creating an Excel spreadsheet of your catalog and uploading it in Seller Center. 
  • Single item: This is the most time-consuming method but is useful for first-time items and involves entering your catalog directly into a Seller Center form.
  • Solution provider: This is for those using a solution provider to integrate directly with Walmart and automatically upload products.

Uploading products

To upload your products to using the bulk upload method, complete the following steps:

  • Identify the right category and subcategory for your items
  • Prepare URLs for your product images
  • Download the Full Item Spec from Seller Central (Add New Items > Select category > Download)
  • Complete the Spec with your item details
  • Save the Spec and upload to Seller Central (Add New Items > Upload Spec > Submit)

You can check the progress of the upload by heading to the Feed Status page under Items & Inventory.

Note: Before you go live, 10% or 1,000 (whichever is fewer) of your products must be in sellable condition, with inventory and price, and 95% of your items must be classified correctly.

Previewing products

After your product upload is complete, you can preview your listings and run a test order. Head to the Manage Order page and click on the Preview Item link next to the product you want to preview.

Previously, testing an order was a mandatory step, but Walmart recently changed it to make it optional.

When you’re happy with your product preview and if you would like to run a test order, follow the steps below.

  • Identify the item you want to test and update the price to $19.99 or less, and the inventory to 1. 
  • Click the Publish Item link under actions.

  • Click the Purchase Item link under actions. 

  • Perform tests on order cancellation, shipping, and adjustments to ensure everything performs as it should.
  • If successful, reset the price and inventory level. 

Try testing 2-3 products before marking this stage as complete.

5. Launch

Once you’re ready to launch your Walmart Marketplace account, head to the launch checklist to confirm that your personnel are ready, shipping methods are set, Partner Settings are complete, catalog is correct, and your Payoneer account is active.

Then, click the Ready to Launch button and confirm your request. Walmart will review your profile and confirm your launch within approximately 48 hours.

How to continue selling on

Congratulations, you have now started selling on, but the hard work isn’t over yet. To continue selling on, you need sales, and this requires proactivity on your part.

6. Bonus: Post-launch strategy

To increase and sustain sales on Walmart Marketplace, you need to implement the following:

Walmart TwoDay delivery

Walmart TwoDay delivery is Walmart’s fast shipping program that ensures order delivery within 2 days or less.

Not only is this a customer-pleasing benefit, it also increases your ranking in search results and highlights your listings with a fast shipping tag.

Walmart SEO

By understanding and utilizing Walmart SEO, you can dominate the search results for your products’ keywords. The main components of an SEO-optimized Walmart listing include:

  • A specific and succinct product name
  • Rich media and high-quality images
  • Key features
  • Keywords in product descriptions
  • Relevant attributes
  • 2-day delivery

Walmart buy box

Winning the buy box on means that you become the automatic seller for products sold by multiple sellers. The key to winning the buy box is competitive pricing, available inventory, healthy metrics, and fast shipping.

Walmart Sponsored Products

Walmart Sponsored Products are CPC ads that are displayed across the platform to highlight your listings and drive traffic to your products. By selecting the right keywords and products to advertise, you can boost sales and drive significant ROI from ad spend.

Tip: Deliverr merchants get pre-approved access to Walmart Sponsored Products.

And that is how you start selling on If you’d like to learn more about selling on Walmart Marketplace, sign up for our free 5-email course on how to sell on, including case studies, best practices, and top tips for succeeding on the platform.

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