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How Variant eCommerce increased revenue 372% with 2-day delivery

Variant eCommerce builds internal brands, and for the past few years has been working exclusively on the Parcil Distribution brand in the PPE category. They provide high quality respiratory, face, fire emergency, & fall protection gear direct to the end user at an affordable price.

Parcil’s goal is to revolutionize the PPE category (respirator protection industry in particular) and provide more modular, customizable designs for whatever use the customer deems necessary.

Parcil started using Deliverr in April, and activated 2-day badges on their Shopify store in May. We spoke to Parcil and Variant eCommerce President Cody Voelker to talk about how Deliverr and fast shipping has affected their online sales.

Boosting their web store with fast tags

Before Deliverr, Parcil used a combination of FBA and internal fulfillment to get orders to buyers. However, they were attracted to Deliverr thanks to the ease of integration with their website.

They were able to add fast tags to their listings, showcase them on their website, and even offer next day delivery for shoppers in qualified zip codes!

375% increase in revenue with 2-day delivery

“We had a Q1 conversion rate of 1.67% and Q2 (we activated 2-day badges in May) conversion rate of 3.39%, so over a 100% increase in conversions. Revenue increased  372% and website sessions increased 195%.” – Cody Voelker

In Q1, Parcil had a 1.67% conversion rate on their Shopify store.

In May, Parcil began using Deliverr to offer 2-day delivery on select items. They showcased this on their homepage, listings, and email campaigns.

In Q2, after they turned on 2-day delivery with Deliverr, that conversion rate jumped more than 2x to 3.39%, accompanied with a 372% increase in revenue.

2-day delivery driving social media success

Parcil leveraged the fast shipping on their home page slides and automated email campaigns.  However, their biggest success comes from organic discussions with customers on Twitter.

“There are many tweets from customers talking about the speed of delivery on the respirators feeling very similar to Amazon Prime. Referrals from Twitter increased 715% with fast shipping.” – Cody Voelker

Get 2-day delivery everywhere you sell

The Deliverr advantage

“Our favorite part with working with Deliverr is ease of use, speedy delivery, and Deliverr’s williness to recognize and own their shipping mistakes.” – Cody Voelker

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