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Top reasons for Walmart de-listing and how to prevent it

When a listing is de-listed, it means Walmart removed your listing for one reason or another, and you’ll no longer be able to sell using that listing.

This is a huge problem because not only was your original listing a waste of time, but the removal of your listing and the time spent re-creating it means that:

  • Customers can’t buy this product from you, affecting sales;
  • It can take multiple weeks to get re-listed;
  • Your competitors receive all of the exposure until you correct your listing; and
  • You’re spending time that could be better spent growing your eCommerce business.

In addition, consistent breaching of marketplace rules can lead to permanent suspension from the marketplace. De-listing is bad news for eCommerce businesses, but why is it happening to so many Walmart sellers?

The top reasons a listing on Walmart is removed

Over on Walmart, the top reasons for a product being removed or ‘unpublished’ are:

Prohibited items

Like eBay, Walmart specifically prohibits the sale of some items, including alcoholic beverages, bear traps, autographs, and event tickets. Find the full list here.

Uncompetitive pricing

Walmart’s stance against uncompetitive pricing is strong, meaning that your item will be removed for at least 24-48 hours (regardless of any price adjustment made) if:

  • A customer can buy the same product from you, including shipping, cheaper on a different marketplace (price parity rule);
  • A customer can buy the same product  from someone else, on Walmart or a different marketplace, cheaper (price leadership rule); or
  • A customer can buy the product  from Walmart, at the same price or cheaper than from you.

Low seller ratings

If your seller ratings are consistently low, Walmart will start unpublishing your listings, before taking suspension action.

Low inventory

If your inventory levels are low or out of stock Walmart will keep your listing unpublished until your inventory levels improve.

Underperforming item

Finally, Walmart reserves the right to remove any listing it deems to be underperforming. If your listing isn’t satisfying customers’ needs for great products, quality service, low pricing, and fast shipping, Walmart will remove it.

What to do if your listing is de-listed

If your listing is de-listed on Walmart, you’ll receive a notification in your seller account, telling you why it’s been de-listed and what you need to do to correct it.

Even better than waiting for this notice, you should prevent it from happening in the first place.

Preventing items being de-listed on Walmart

The quickest way to save time and drive sales is to prevent items from being de-listed on Walmart by following a few guidelines.

1. Ensure your item isn’t prohibited

Stay on top of Walmart’s restricted product list and follow some common sense when it comes to respecting intellectual property and not selling fake items.

2. Price competitively

Walmart is constantly checking the competitiveness of it sellers’ pricing, and you should be too.

  • Research Walmart and other marketplaces to ensure that your price is the lowest;
  • Regularly check for, and react to, changes in competitor’s pricing;
  • See if you can reduce your shipping costs by using an outsourced fulfillment provider who has access to preferential shipping rates and numerous geographical locations; and
  • Use all-inclusive pricing to offer free shipping.

Tip: Try using a fulfillment calculator to see if an all-inclusive fulfillment solution can help you lower your costs.

3. Stay in stock

Use a good listing tool that will help you maintain your inventory, avoid selling out, and remind you when it’s time to reorder.

4. Making your listing attractive to buyers

Your listings should never perform so badly as to be removed by eBay or Walmart for underperformance. Get your items listed, sold, and shipped as quickly as possible by:

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