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Introducing discounted fulfillment rates for Walmart 2-Day shipping

Walmart sellers can get access to discounted Walmart 2-day fulfillment rates exclusively through Deliverr.

Deliverr is introducing steep discounts for sellers who want access to Walmart’s 2-day shipping program. As of October 11th, 2018, we have implemented discounted fulfillment costs for all orders sent out under Walmart Free 2-Day Shipping.

Deliverr’s 2-day fulfillment rates were already more affordable than Multi-Channel FBA for most products. To make it even easier for our sellers to protect their profits, we’re discounting our rates up to 20% further.

Save more than 30% on Walmart 2-Day fulfillment

Deliverr’s all-inclusive 2-day fulfillment pricing is up to 35% less than Amazon’s Multi-Channel fulfillment. That still includes pick/pack, shipping, box, and everything else from warehouse to doorstep, under one transparent fee.

For example, a small product like a phone case might cost $7.90 for 2-day fulfillment through Amazon’s Multi-Channel FBA service. Deliverr’s regular 2-day rates take that cost down to $6.05… but with Deliverr’s special Walmart 2-Day pricing, your cost goes down to $5.25.

That’s a huge 33% of savings with Deliverr’s new Walmart 2-Day pricing.

A mid-size product like a 5lb tub of protein powder typically costs $9.91 to fulfill via 2-day Multi-Channel FBA. Deliverr’s 2-day fulfillment service takes the cost down to $9.87. With our new pricing, it would only cost you $8.07 to get your product to your buyer for Walmart 2-Day shipping.

A large item like a laser printer could cost $23.05 for 2-day fulfillment on Multi-Channel FBA  and $22.66 on Deliverr. Our new rates bring that same product’s cost all the way down to $20.62.


View your Walmart 2-Day fulfillment rates in our cost calculator


How to view your new, discounted rates

To see Deliverr’s special Walmart 2-Day rates for your products today, enter your product into the Cost Calculator tool.

Existing Deliverr sellers get real-time access to their Walmart 2-Day rates from within our seller portal.

View the new rates by going into your account, clicking the inventory view, and clicking on the dropdown next to “Order Cost Previews.” From there you can select the new “Walmart 2 day” rates.

You can also go into each SKU individually to pull the Walmart 2 Day rate.

You will see the new rates reflected on your Walmart orders, and the service level will say “Walmart 2 Day.”

Bonus: Access to Walmart Performance Ads

Going beyond your cost savings, fulfilling through Deliverr brings other benefits for Walmart sellers. You get a hassle-free experience, a direct integration into Walmart’s fast shipping program, and access to bonuses like Walmart Performance Ads.

Deliverr sellers can get whitelisted for Walmart 2-Day shipping and access Walmart’s self-serve sponsored ad program, all within a few clicks.

With incredibly competitive rates and transparent pricing, it’s time to get on a new channel and multiply your eCommerce sales. For existing sellers, we’ve seen sales double after activating 2-day shipping.

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