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A deep dive into Walmart Sponsored Products

With more than 110 million unique visitors per month and only around 15,000 sellers, the Walmart Marketplace is an attractive sales channel for any eCommerce business looking to boost their numbers. But, with over 80 million products for shoppers to wade through, getting yourself in front of potential customers before your competitors is crucial – something that Walmart Sponsored Products can help with.

Why is Walmart so popular?

The world’s largest multi-channel retailer is becoming increasingly popular with online shoppers and sellers alike. Customers love the range of products, top brands, fast delivery options, and the big Walmart name they can trust; while e-retailers are falling for its record customer numbers, supportive community, zero setup and monthly fees, and sales tools such as Walmart Sponsored Products.

What are Walmart Sponsored Products?

As Walmart’s facts and figures increase, so do its tools. eCommerce sellers looking to boost their Walmart sales figures can now take part in Walmart Performance Ads. This CPC advertising campaign promotes certain products throughout its desktop website, mobile platform, and app as Sponsored Products – bringing with it a range of conversion-improving benefits.

The benefits of Walmart Sponsored Products

Online sellers eligible for Walmart Performance Ads and Sponsored Products benefit from:

Increased visibility

Sponsored products appear at the top of the search results, with a red sponsored product tag (denoting power and affluence according to Shopify). This makes the product stand out against other listings, making it more compelling for potential customers to click on. Additionally, they appear on banners and advertisements on product and category pages, through the purchase funnel – giving you even more exposure.

Return on investment

“We are getting bids at about ⅓ the cost of similar keyword bids that we are running on Amazon Sponsored Ads.” – Ross Baker, Deliverr seller reaches top of search after activating Walmart Free 2-Day Shipping

Walmart’s internal relevancy engines use its extensive online and in-store data to target your Performance Ads for you properly. You get more qualified leads, only playing for those who click and convert, and you don’t waste time targeting ads yourself. Your ROI is better and you get additional insights into the type of customers buying your products.

Testing new products

It’s vital for eCommerce sellers to expand their catalog and continue to test out new items. This is essential to growing your business and keeping it sustainable, even as purchasing trends rise and fall for different SKUs.

“Activating sponsored products not only increased sales, but helped us launch new products on Walmart immediately…We saw sales for new products the same day we launched with sponsored product ads.” -Hamza Ramzan, How Equinox International reached 4-figures daily and a 900% sales increase with minimal effort

Walmart Performance Ads can help you rapidly test out new products and ideas, get them in front of customers, and get your sales running.

Easier customer journey

Long processes are the third highest reason for cart abandonment. Native ads, such as Sponsored Products, make the customer journey easier by taking online shoppers directly to the product of interest; reducing the number of clicks it takes to buy, leading to increased conversions.

The subtle and non-intrusive nature of native ads also makes them more effective than traditional display ads – most online shoppers won’t even notice that they’re being advertised to.


The Walmart Performance Ads dashboard provides you with access to data and analytics to track performance metrics, measure ROI (on a 3, 14, 30 or 90 day period), and alter CPC budgets – giving you the insight and statistics to properly plan your Walmart eCommerce strategy.

Less competition

Finally, Walmart Performance Ads is a limited program, which retailers must meet certain qualifications for before participating in. This means that there is less competition for advertising space and the top spot – making it an effective program for online retailers.

Who is eligible for Walmart Performance ads

All Deliverr sellers get automatic access to Walmart Performance Ads. If you aren’t fulfilling through Deliverr, Walmart Performance Ads (and Sponsored Products) have strict eligibility criteria. Specifically, you must:

  • Have a verified Seller Central account;
  • Have high shipping standards;
  • Commit to a minimum of $1,000 monthly spend, with a $100 daily cap; and
  • Provide specific information if self-serving (see below).

Setting up Walmart Sponsored Products

Those meeting the criteria can apply for Walmart Performance Ads via:


Online sellers self-serving must provide comprehensive information including:

  • Company name
  • Contact information
  • Total number of Walmart SKUs
  • Product categories
  • Primary campaign objective
  • Target audience
  • Interest in the annual plan, specific seasons and/or holidays
  • Anticipated budget.

Following your acceptance into the program, you must attend a training webinar, which provides an overview of the program and platform, and a live Q&A session.

Deliverr customers

Online retailers using Deliverr to fulfill with Walmart Free 2-Day Shipping are automatically approved for Walmart Performance Ads. Simply contact us and then create a campaign by:

  1. Entering your campaign name, budget, and timing;
  2. Selecting the products you want to boost (multiple SKUs lead to better performance and more analytical insights);
  3. Reviewing the automated CPCs and amending if necessary; and
  4. Scheduling your campaign.

Deliverr users have access to unlimited campaigns, with up to 300 SKUs each.

Boosting your Walmart Sponsored Product listings

Once you’ve created your first campaign, it’s time to boost your sponsored product listings even further by:

Fast delivery

Fast delivery is important to 99% of US consumers buying online, which is why logistics is one of the biggest reasons for cart abandonment. Convert more customers visiting your sponsored product listings by offering fast delivery through self-fulfillment or third-party fulfillment such as Deliverr.

Optimized listings

Optimize your Walmart listings to appear in relevant search results by:

  • Using a short and specific title
  • Using high-quality images and rich media
  • Including three to 10 key features
  • Using keywords in your product description
  • Entering relevant attributes
  • Enabling Walmart Free 2-Day shipping

Customer reviews

95% of online shoppers are influenced by reviews, making your star rating on Walmart critical. Provide up-to-date tracking information, on-time deliveries, and free shipping to create a better buying experience for customers to talk about and be influenced by.

Walmart Sponsored Products and beyond

Beyond Walmart Performance Ads and Sponsored Products, there are plenty of other ways to increase your Walmart conversions.

Walmart Free 2-Day Shipping

Walmart Free 2-Day Shipping, Walmart’s fast shipping program, offers customers free 2-day delivery with no minimum spend or membership required, leading to increased conversions. Sellers on this program benefit from vibrant fast shipping tags, improved search rankings, and increased chances of winning the buy box.

Walmart Performance Ads and Sponsored Products are a great way to increase visibility, boost conversions, and help you understand your target audience better, but the key to making them successful is to combine Sponsored Products with fast shipping, outstanding customer reviews, and buy box prominence.

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