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Wish Express FAQs

If you’ve heard of Wish Express, but you’re not quite sure what it is, how you get on it, or whether it’s right for your eCommerce business, then this is the article for you.

We’ve rounded up the top Wish Express FAQs to provide helpful guidance around the fast shipping program and how you can benefit from it. Let’s jump straight in.

1. What is Wish Express?

Wish Express is a fast shipping program on the Wish online marketplace, similar to Amazon Prime, Walmart 2-day delivery, and eBay Fast ‘N Free.

Note that Wish Express is not a fulfillment program. For fulfillment, you can handle orders yourself, outsource to a third party, or use Fulfillment by Wish.

2. What are the benefits of Wish Express for my customers?

Shoppers purchasing Wish Express products are guaranteed their items within five working days, along with a valid tracking number.

The program also provides shoppers with an easy way to filter search results based on fast shipping speeds.

3. What are the benefits of Wish Express for sellers?

Sellers qualifying for Wish Express are guaranteed a number of benefits that help increase sales. These include:


Products receive up to 10x more impressions on the Wish marketplace when they qualify for Wish Express. This includes enhanced search result placement on the app and website, and inclusion in Wish exclusive promotions and email marketing.

Fast shipping tag

Wish Express products are accompanied by the orange Wish Express tag on the search results page. This makes listings stand out while also providing customers with a quick way to identify products with fast shipping speeds.

A dedicated search tab

The Wish app and website have a Wish Express tab at the top of the search results, making it easy for customers to find Wish Express products. This maximizes the number of search queries your products are included in.

Fast payments

Wish Express sellers are eligible for faster payments from Wish, giving you more funds for additional stock and business growth.

In addition to these Wish Express-specific benefits, sellers also profit from the overall advantage of offering customers fast shipping speeds. These include:

  • Standing out from your competition on a factor other than price;
  • Receiving positive customer reviews from a better customer experience;
  • Expanding your audience to include last-minute and risk-averse customers; and
  • Satisfying a top purchasing motivator.

4. How do I sign up for Wish Express?

To sign up for Wish Express, Go to Account > Wish Express > Join Wish Express. You will be prompted to confirm that you meet the requirements and to accept the terms.

Once you are accepted onto the program, you can enable Wish Express from your account and add products to your Wish Express warehouse.

For step-by-step instructions, read our guide on how to enable Wish Express.

Once activated, incoming eligible orders will be marked with the Wish Express logo on the Wish platform, ready for you or your fulfillment service to process.

5. What are the eligibility requirements for Wish Express?

To be accepted onto Wish Express, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Fulfillment within 5 working days of orders being placed
  • Confirmation of delivery within 10 working days of orders being placed
  • On-time arrival rate of 95%
  • Pre-fulfillment cancellation rate under 5%
  • Orders accompanied by valid tracking numbers

Tip: Deliverr merchants get pre-approved access to Wish Express.

Once accepted onto the program, you must maintain an on-time order arrival rate of 90%, and a pre-fulfillment cancellation rate under 10%, in addition to the other eligibility criteria.

6. What if I cannot meet the Wish Express eligibility requirements?

If you cannot meet the eligibility criteria in-house, you can consider outsourcing your fulfillment to a provider who can meet the criteria. This involves sending your inventory to a third-party warehouse for them to manage the picking, packing, and shipping of your orders.

There are two methods for outsourcing fulfillment of your Wish Express orders:

Fulfillment by Wish

Fulfillment by Wish (FBW) is a fulfillment service run by Wish. Users of the service automatically qualify for Wish Express. However, Fulfillment by Wish charges inbound fees and long-term storage fees and doesn’t offer multi-channel fulfillment, making it best-situated to Wish-only sellers who have a small selection of fast-moving items.

Outsourced Wish fulfillment

Outsourced Wish fulfillment is when you use an outsourced provider to fulfill your Wish orders for you and meet the Wish Express criteria. For example, Deliverr users get pre-approved access to Wish Express.

Third-party Wish fulfillment is popular with multi-channel sellers who have a larger selection of fast- and slow-moving items.

Tip: Use our cost calculator to preview your fulfillment costs with Deliverr.

7. Can I enable Wish Express for certain regions only?

You can enable or disable Wish Express for specific states on a product level, allowing you to control which states you provide fast shipping for.

Alternatively, if you are struggling to deliver items country-wide within 5-days, look for an outsourced fulfillment partner with multiple warehouses across the country.

8. Can I fulfill products faster than 5-days?

You can absolutely ship products faster than 5-days, and it’s recommended that you do so. Fast shipping speeds are a key differentiator among competing sellers, and with Amazon and Walmart offering speeds of just 2-days, keeping your Wish store competitive is crucial for success.

Reducing your in-house or outsourced fulfillment speeds to 2-days may also qualify you for other marketplace fast shipping programs.

9. How much does Wish Express cost?

Wish Express is a free fast shipping program. Sellers just pay their usual Wish revenue share percentage on each sale.

Tip: Learn more about what is Wish.com, and how does it work.

Wish Express is also free for customers to use, with no membership costs or minimum basket spend criteria.

10. What happens if I fail to meet the ongoing eligibility requirements?

Failure to meet the ongoing requirements for Wish Express will result in suspension from the program. You may also be subject to fines for failure to deliver or confirm delivery within the necessary timescales. Once you have brought your metrics back up to speed, you can re-apply for the program.

If you are suspended three times for failing to meet the ongoing requirements, you will be permanently suspended from Wish Express.

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