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Holiday pro tips from experts at Deliverr and Wish

Wish is rolling out some exciting specials this Q4. In this webinar recording the Wish team goes over how to get ready for a successful holiday season on their marketplace.


The Wish Holiday Optimization Checklist

  1. Upload your full catalog of SKUs
  2. Make sure your brand is added to the Wish Brand Directory and that all your branded items are brand tagged
  3. Become an authorized authentic brand seller if you are eligible 
  4. Make sure your product images are clean and highlight product variations
  5. If applicable, specify the MSRP to highlight price discount
  6. Make sure your products have Wish Express enabled
  7. Add inventory in Deliverr warehouse to enable 2-day delivery
  8. Utilize Wish Promotion Features to boost your products and gain impressions (Product Boost incl. Intense Boost, Collection Boost, Price Drop)

Brand Directory & Brand Protection

Best Practice: Register your branded products to increase their exposure and marketing impressions.

  • Brand Directory > Register Brands 
  • Brand Authorization for merchants 
  • Extra exposure in app via Brands tab
  • Resource: FAQ

Brand Protection: Wish has a zero tolerance policy regarding counterfeits and other activity that infringes the intellectual property rights of others.  

  • Dedicated Brand Protection team
  • Intellectual Property and brand protection policies
  • More than 1,000 brands participating in the Brand Protection program

Promotional Features on Wish


Use Wish’s native advertising platform to boost your products in the feed

  • More impressions
  • Get sales faster
  • Proven success


IntenseBoost allows products to gain increased impressions in a shorter period of time at a higher spend.

  • Products boosted impressions faster in premium locations on user feeds
  • Especially beneficial for quickly boosting newly uploaded products and products receiving low impressions at a higher cost


CollectionBoost, a new feature, allows merchants to create product collections as campaigns

  • Merchants can create and promote their products in customized collections, which will be placed in premium positions on the Wish App and
  • Merchants can boost themed and customized collections through bids on search terms
  • Especially beneficial for boosting branded, seasonal, or themed products during specific timeframes

Price Drop

Drop prices of select products for a limited amount of time

  • Enables merchants to drop the prices of select products via Price Drop campaigns for an opportunity to receive additional product impressions. 
  • On the Wish Merchant Dashboard, create campaign at Price Drop Campaigns > Create a campaign
  • Fill out desired start date. End date is automatically 7 calendar days after start date. Merchant can create up to 20 campaigns per week
  • Merchants can designate Price Drop % between 5-100% off original price

Wish 2-day delivery for Deliverr merchants

  • Exclusive tag through Deliverr
  • Products get exposure via Wish Express Days, Badge, Tab in app
  • Receive 5% of order value as a rebate payment on orders until Jan 1, 2021 

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