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Drayage and transloading

Reduce costs, avoid delays, and be in control. We handle everything from when your container comes off the ship to its final destination, including container returns and routing.

Time guaranteed LTLs

Get flat pricing and any-quantity pallet pickups within 50 miles of Newark, New Jersey, and Los Angeles. Your less-than-truckload (LTL) shipment gets to any of our major cities—including Dallas Fort Worth, Chicago, Atlanta, and more—with guaranteed delivery times.

Truckload services

Move it from anywhere to anywhere. We’ll arrange your full-or-less-than-truckload (FTL) shipments between any two points, with the same convenient, simple pricing and integrations you know and love.

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No juggling multiple vendors for your logistics. One point of contact, one invoice, easy.

Drayage & Transloading pricing

Los Angeles, CA $950 $650
Savannah, GA $850 $650
Charleston, SC $850 $650
Houston, TX $850 $650
Newark, NJ $950 $650
Jacksonville, FL $850 $650
*Pricing per container

Less-than-truckload pricing


Los Angeles image description Dallas

$390 4 days

Los Angeles image description Chicago

$410 5 days

Los Angeles image description Atlanta

$440 5 days

Los Angeles image description Newark

$540 7 days

Newark image description Dallas

$370 5 days

Newark image description Chicago

$280 3 days

Newark image description Atlanta

$300 5 days

Newark image description Los Angeles

$400 7 days
*In business days

Flat-rate pricing

Competitive, easy-to-understand flat rates, and full visibility into updates.

Los Angeles image description Dallas

image description 4 days

Newark image description Chicago

image description 3 days

Guaranteed transit times or 100% money back

Los Angeles image description Atlanta

image description 5 days

Newark image description Los Angeles

image description 7 days

Time guaranteed

Cut out delays and reduce risk of overages, shortages, or damages. Enjoy fast, predictable transport freight at reduced costs.

Why thousands of brands trust Deliverr Freight







Deliverr Freight has been amazing and something we have been trying to find a solution for over the past 2 years. With Deliverr now coordinating every aspect of the U.S.-based movements, we are able to simplify the communication, coordination, and costs. We went from having to deal with four vendors for every shipment to one–Deliverr.

Lindy McCollom Logistics Manager

Having managed some of the largest LTL organizations, I can confidently say that Deliverr’s approach to LTL is innovative and refreshing. The approach is backed by their extensive physical network and a strong focus on technology. At LFS, we are very excited to add the Deliverr Time-Guaranteed LTL offering to our portfolio.

Justin Hall Vice Chairman


Do you offer international freight services?

In addition to domestic freight services, we also offer global freight in partnership with Flexport.

What are drayage and transloading?

Drayage means transporting a shipping container from a port to an intermediate destination, usually a warehouse near the port of entry. Drayage is performed by a drayman, who brings a power unit to the port to pick up the container.

Transloading is the process of unloading freight from one mode of transportation and reloading it onto another.

In drayage, the shipping container is owned by the cargo ship and must be returned to the port within a certain timeframe, or the freight owner will face a charge. As such, a merchant will typically want to transload their freight from a container to a 53ft trailer for transportation to the final destination.

How do I book drayage with Deliverr?

In order to book an order, you’ll need to know the number of your shipping container, the contact information for your freight forwarder, and the port of entry your container is bound for.

As of this time, Deliverr offers flat rates for six major ports of entry; Los Angeles, Houston, Newark, Savannah, Jacksonville, and Charleston.

To learn more and book a drayage order, visit our interest form.

What is time guaranteed LTL?

LTL (less-than-truckload), refers to freight shipments that are six pallets or less. In many cases, a merchant needs to move a small amount of inventory but does not have enough to book an entire truck, or FTL (full-truckload).

With Deliverr’s Time Guaranteed LTL service, we’ll pick up any number of pallets within a 50-mile radius of our coastal hubs in New Jersey and Los Angeles. Then transport the pallets to one of our metro hubs in Chicago, Dallas Fort Worth, Atlanta, New Jersey, or Los Angeles.

From there, we can deliver the freight to any location within a 50-mile radius. Because we provide end-to-end delivery, we guarantee that the freight will arrive on time.

What are your truckload services?

Deliverr offers standard LTL and FTL shipment services for any merchant. With our vast network of carriers, we’re able to provide quick, easy, and competitive pricing to move your goods to and from any location.

How do I book LTL or FTL with Deliverr?

You can book LTL or FTL directly in our Seller Portal app. To get started sign up for your free deliverr account.

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