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Sales-ready inventory

Hassle-free, expert prep services that'll help you sell.

Sell across more channels

Expand your business with inventory that’s ready for any channel. We’ll take care of keeping up with compliance regulations, prepping for multi-channel sales, and simplifying your operations.

Avoid costly inventory issues

Prep your way out of constrained inventory or lost cycles due to rejections, breakage, or other incidents. We have the expertise to ensure your inventory gets transformed into what you need.

Focus on growing your business

Spend more time on your business, not manual prep or wrangling vendors. Save time and money by using one partner to store, prep and fulfill orders to all your wholesale customers.

Be ready to meet demand

Prep services in our network

Kitting, bagging, variety packs, floor containers, wipedowns—whatever you need, we make it happen.


Bubble Wrap Units Wrapping unit in bubble wrap to ensure it passes 3' drop test. $0.80
per unit
Bagging Units Putting a unit inside of a sealed polybag. $0.50
per unit
Kitting Preparing 2 (or more) units into a new single-SKU. Custom quote


Labeling Units Printing and applying the barcode to a single unit. $0.35
per unit
Box Contents Labeling Printing and applying labels to inbound cartons. $0.50
per unit
Carton Building Building a carton for a single SKU or Master Case. $1.00
per carton
Floor Loaded Container Unloading a floor-loaded container $650 for 40’
$325 for 20’

Predictable, transparent pricing

Prep can be unclear, complex, and pricey. Deliverr Prep isn’t any of those things.

Even better together

Combine with our freight and prep services to reduce costs and simplify your operations.

“Deliverr has been instrumental in driving our eCommerce business with its seamless Shopify integration, talented team of tech-professionals, and excellent customer service. We view them as an essential business partner, rather than a basic service provider.

As we continue our growth trajectory, we’re very excited to bring all processes under one roof, including Prep and Reserve Storage; it will save us the headache of managing multiple providers, not to mention reduce our costs!”

Dave DiLoreto, COO Shoe Carnival

Deliverr… has been amazing and something we have been trying to find a solution for over the past 2 years. With Deliverr now coordinating every aspect of the U.S.-based movements, we are able to simplify the communication, coordination, and costs. We went from having to deal with four vendors for every shipment to one–Deliverr.

Lindy McCollom, Logistics Manager Shoe Carnival


What prep services are offered?

Our services include a variety of value-added services, including labeling units, Box and Master Carton Labels, bubble wrap, bagging, box building, kitting, floor-loaded containers, quality checks, and more! Visit our Help Center to see more details.

How do I request services for Deliverr Prep?

Any of the button links on this page will take you to our form, or you can head to the Help Center for more information. We’ll ask for your contact information, an idea of the services you’re interested in, and your estimated number of inbound units.

What does Deliverr Prep cost?

We break out our pricing based on the prep service type. To see our current rates, check out our Help Center page.

I don't see a service I need listed here, what should I do?

Speak to a Deliverr Prep Specialist for additional customization requests. We are happy to work with you!

Sales-ready inventory

Compliant inventory for every sales channel.