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Join the Deliverr Warehouse Network

Deliverr is an asset-lite fulfillment service that provides 2-day delivery for merchants on popular marketplaces like Walmart, Shopify, Wish, eBay, and Amazon.

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Deliverr is piloting a program to bring its proprietary technology, processes and business to new operators to launch fulfillment centers across the country

Why do eCommerce sellers fulfill with Deliverr?

Nationwide 2-day delivery

Transparent, all-inclusive pricing

Access to fast shipping programs

Unify multi-channel fulfillment

Deliverr is building up our warehouse network to better serve our merchants and get items as close as possible to buyers.

Benefits of joining the Deliverr warehouse network

Make more money

Earn business without sales or marketing

Since Deliverr will be filling your warehouse space for you, you’ll generate business without needing your own sales or marketing teams. Deliverr will take care of that for you.

add clients with no overhead

Serve multiple merchants under one client

Deliverr serves a diverse base of multi-channel merchants across the country. Our warehouse partners enjoy the business of these merchants, without having to manage each one individually.

Headache free growth

Easy billing, invoicing, and tracking

Since you’ll be working directly with Deliverr, instead of directly with thousands of merchants, you can simplify business logistics such as billing, invoicing, and tracking.

Funded Series E

Deliverr is a Series E, fully funded company without the strict financial constraints of many smaller sellers. We pay on time, and in full.

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What our partners are saying

“We are continually impressed with their rapid movement toward becoming a major force in the industry. Everyone on their team is responsive, energetic and professional, and their on-going cutting-edge technology advancements are a major benefit to our company, pushing us to become more efficient, more productive, and more profitable. Deliverr knows how to implement and execute, and it’s exciting to witness their goals become reality!”

Janis Kerr-Reed


How to get started

How does it work?

Eligibility Criteria

  • Warehouse partners can handle a minimum of 5,000 orders per day.
  • Warehouse partners have at least 50,000 square feet available.

Nice to have

  • Located in greater metro areas of large U.S. cities.


After an initial conversation between Deliverr and a warehouse partner, we will provide a mutual NDA. After signing, we will share our standard contract and rate card.

Payments are net 30 via bank transfer.

How do I integrate?

Use Deliverr’s System

When integrated with your WMS, Deliverr can provide a steady stream of inbound and outbound orders.

Custom Integration

If you are not using a Deliverr preferred warehouse management system (WMS), you can create a custom integration using Deliverr’s Rest API.

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Increase your business without the headaches.