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Flexible Dieting Lifestyle Sees a $6 Average Increased Revenue Per Customer with Cart Minimums

Flexible Dieting Lifestyle, or F.D.L, brings specialty food products to a dedicated customer base, and with demand increasing for their products, F.D.L found a reliable and crucial new fulfillment partner in Deliverr.

F.D.L has several SKUs that are fulfilled exclusively by Deliverr, so we spoke with Steve Doodian, Co-founder of F.D.L., about how that change has affected the distribution of their products. In short, Deliverr drove a  $6 per customer increase in sales. Check out our case study below!

Meeting the High Expectations of Their Customers with Two-Day Deliveries

Bringing something new and exciting that catches on quickly can be a bit of a double-edged sword. On the one hand, a popular product can bring in a lot of revenue. On the flip side, meeting the logistics around supply that product can be difficult, especially for small to mid-sized businesses.

F.D.L has many customers in the 19 to 35 age demographic, and this demographic has grown accustomed to receiving their orders quickly. Unfortunately (and largely in part due to the pandemic), the channels where they sell including Amazon, Walmart, eBay,  experienced delays, so missing expected delivery windows became a recurring problem. Two-day delivery is important for F.D.L, and they have been able to hit that target consistently since making the change. 

Increased Delivery Speed, Leading to $6 Average Increased Revenue Per Customer

F.D.L added Shopify Fast Tags with our new Cart Minimums feature in order to help encourage an increase in average units per order and average order value.

Deliverr was able to help F.D.L with their Fast Tag offering, and by adding FREE 2-day (or sometimes 3-day or next-day) badges on relevant products, they were able to get their products out as quickly as possible and use that as a marketing tool. We’ve already discussed how important speedy delivery is for F.D.L given the demographics of their customer base, so it’s no surprise that they have plenty of numbers to back up the importance of fast delivery on their end.

According to F.D.L, activating Fast Tags has led to a sizable increase in average order value for their products – approximately $5 to $6 per order. The company was not able to enjoy that boost in revenue right away, however; once they tinkered with our Cart Minimums feature and changed the pricing a few times, they finally landed on the price points that yielded the highest profits. Cart minimums helps drive sales because it allows customers access to free shipping, while simultaneously keeping costs lower for the merchant, so it’s a win-win when you can get that cart-minimum-number just right.

With the promise of speedy delivery, F.D.L  believes that it will be able to gain and retain more customers.

Launching New Products with the Help of Deliverr Kept Sales Consistent

Launching new products always carries some level of risk for any company. There is a chance that the new product will not resonate as well with the established customer base. Unforeseen issues could also arise as production ramps up for the new offering. In short, those issues could hamper the delivery process and undercut the success of the product in question.

Recently, F.D.L.  launched new products on their website, and they enlisted Deliverr as their sole fulfillment provider for those goods. Despite the products being new and unfamiliar to their long-time customers, the company reports that the results have mostly been even (which is a win!). Even though it may not be the most exciting result to see, it speaks to the promise of the product. Once more of the company’s customers familiarize themselves with the new offerings, the numbers are likely to improve.

Growth Opportunities

The people at Flexible Dieting Lifestyle have big plans in mind. They shared that worldwide demand is increasing for their products. They have interested buyers from countries such as Canada, Mexico, Italy, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia and they hope that Deliverr can aid them with their plans to expand into international territories. 

A Message to Their Customers

The folks over at F.D.L  understand how important their customers have been to the success of their business. As they continue their journey as a company, they want their customers to come along for the ride. 

To them, their customers are not just transactions – they are individuals who are involved in a growing community. F.D.L  wants its customers to understand that sentiment. Their Instagram community of 382,000 followers (as well as their Facebook community going strong with 81,000 followers) helps keep them connected and relatable to those interested in their products.

They also want their customers to continue providing honest feedback. Customer feedback helps them continually improve their products. If something is missing in their products or if there is something they can adjust to improve the quality, they want to hear all about it.

The Future of the F.D.L  and Deliverr Partnership

F.D.L  has enjoyed the success of working with Deliverr thus far and expects a thriving partnership moving forward. The people over at F.D.L  have also expressed interest in participating in Deliverr’s beta programs, as well as get started on international deliveries once available. A future where Deliverr is bringing products from F.D.L  to customers all over the world is a real possibility we hope to cover in a future case study. 

Interested in learning more about Deliverr services? Visit here for more case studies and information on our offerings.

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