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As a product manufacturer or eCommerce business owner, you likely have a busy schedule.  There are products to build or source, spreadsheets and software to run, employees to manage, marketing strategies to execute…and the list goes on and on.

How do you find the time to manage your shipping, logistics and inventory, let alone make sure they meet Amazon’s stringent requirements for FBA?  What about your bundling or kitting strategy, FNSKU labeling or getting your containers broken down for retail distribution or to send into Deliverr?  What about product returns?

That’s where working MyFBAPrep comes in.

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Why use a Prep Center?

Getting your product in Amazon warehouses for FBA or into the Deliverr network for 2-day delivery is not as simple as putting your products in a box.  There are many strict regulations that your inventory has to meet before Amazon will approve it and it’s compliant with Deliverr.

Outsourcing FBA prep can be a cost-effective way to move your inventory, to import new stock directly into FBA, and decrease the cost of staging your inventory. Deliver also has requirements which you must meet to leverage their two-day anywhere shipping program.

Why should Deliverr merchants use MyFBAPrep?

There are many reasons to outsource parts of your supply chain, from saving time and money to keeping things efficient and error-free. Here’s how leveraging MyFBAPrep benefits Deliverr merchants:

1) It Guarantees Product Quality

Many ecommerce sellers are not at the same location as their product.  Whether it is coming in a container from abroad, from your co-packer, factory or contract manufacturer, or distributor oftentimes you can’t physically look at the items and inspect them for quality before it ships to the warehouse.

MyFBAPrep will be your eyes and ears to inspect your products first-hand to make sure it is in sellable condition. As a result, you’ll gain peace of mind before shipping and lower potentially your return rate.

2) You’ll Meet All of Amazon’s and Deliverr’s Requirements

Getting your packages approved and channel-ready is a crucial part of any ecommerce business. If they’re not compliant with regulations, channel partners  may reject your shipments or leavy heavy fines or even make you take it back. In the worse case scenario, your future shipments might get refused outright because of your past failures to comply.

With MyFBAPrep, you’re putting your inventory in the hands of experts. We understand the process and will do the hard work to make sure that each package is compliant.

Amazon’s packaging requirements can be a headache. Our warehouses are Amazon prep experts and are on top of the regular changes being made to the FBA prep requirements. Moreover we’re able to get things to Deliverr on your behalf properly and when you need it.

3) You Save Time and Money

Most importantly, investing in a prep warehouse saves you plenty of time and money in advance. MyFBAPrep does everything we can to make sure Amazon and Deliverr approves your packages upon arrival. That ensures your products are available for sale as quickly as possible and helps avoid having items get stuck in “Amazon purgatory” tying up your valuable products and capital.

About MyFBAPrep

MyFBAPrep combines decades of experience in logistics and account management to deliver you the best customer experience. We take care of all your inspection, merchant fulfillment, and labeling, so your packages are ready for Amazon facilities. A dedicated account representative handles your orders end to end.

As a valued Deliverr customer you get access to our industry-first prep management software platform Preptopia™. Using Preptopia, You’ll get visual status indicators on each item and the ability to communicate with each warehouse in one dashboard.  We have over 30 warehouse locations all across the US.  Our pricing starts at just $0.95 per single unit.

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MyFBAPrep Services for Deliverr Customers

Standard Prep & FNSKU Labeling

The FNSKU is an Amazon-unique barcode that helps Amazon identify and track products and connect them to you, the seller. This is important because the FNSKU label is how you the seller gets credit when Amazon ships your product to a customer. We carefully apply labels to all your individual units for sale.

This part of the process also includes shrink wrap or a polybag as needed to meet FBA requirements and well as bubble wrap for fragile items.


Product bundling is a marketing strategy that is widely used by businesses to entice consumers to buy more than they had planned. This technique is attractive for customers who appreciate package deals or bundle discounts.

An example of bundling would be bundling two shampoos of the exact same product. Our warehouses know how to bundle products according to Amazon’s standards by hiding barcodes and placing both an updated FNSKU label and a “Sold as Set” sticker.


Kitting normally involves bundling multiple different items around a theme into one unique SKU, to be treated as one shippable item.  Oftentimes customers will create a kit to “own an ASIN” on Amazon – meaning the seller would have the listing entirely to themselves.  As each item is unique to the seller, it makes it hard for competitors to sell the exact same offering.

An example of kitting would be packaging a shampoo and a conditioner together and selling them as a set.  Another example would be a barbeque kit which groups a smoking box, wood chips, a spatula and a grill mit to be sold as a package.

Case Forwarding, Storage & Replenishment

Are you importing a container for distribution to Deliverr DCs? Great! We will receive your container at one of our facilities and receive and inspect your goods upon arrival. From there we will break down the pallets and forward your master cases into Deliverr meeting your requirements.

We also have storage and replenishment  programs available to “drip feed” your product into Deliverr and Amazon Distribution Centers at the cadences you need.

Retail Breakdown

Need to distribute cases to large brick & mortar retail chains? No problem. We receive your container, break down your pallets and prepare outbound shipments per your Deliverr needs.

Product Returns

Need a place to house your returns and repackage them back out to Deliverr?  We’ve got you covered.

MyFBAPrep Warehouse Network

MyFBAPrep is the only nationwide Amazon Prep warehouse network. Our national footprint ensures quicker inbound shipping times and less expensive shipping costs. Moreover, our network warehouse options give you redundancy – should one facility be backed up,  you have other options where to send your products for preparation. You are not reliant on one single prep facility or subject to a single warehouse backlog.

Any of our warehouses can prep your inventory for Deliverr, Amazon FBA, or other fulfillment channels.


Below is our special pricing for Deliverr prep work.

Time to Get Started – Let’s Go!

Deliverr and MyFBAPrep are a perfect combination for all your supply chain needs. Contact us today to learn more about our FBA prep services and how we can streamline your ecommerce selling process.  Get started moving your product today into the Deliverr network!

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