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  • Simple

    Deliverr has condensed all of your fulfillment costs (e.g., shipping, pick, pack, box, etc.) into just two fees: Fulfillment and Storage.

  • Transparent

    What you see is what you pay. Your per-item fees for fulfillment and storage are all-inclusive, helping you forecast your exact costs.

  • Affordable

    Our low rates stand out, especially when it comes to 2-day shipping. Compare our rates to FBA and other providers.

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    What does my fulfillment fee cover?

    Your single fee covers pick, pack, shipping, boxes, account creation, warehouse receiving, support, integration, delivery surcharges, and anything else related to your item’s complete, end-to-end fulfillment.

    Are there discounts for multi-unit orders?

    Yes. Items fulfilled as part of a larger order qualify for even lower rates than shown above. A complete explanation of these discounts can be found here.

    How do you charge for removals/disposals?

    You can find our removals and disposals fees here. You can choose to remove or dispose of your inventory at anytime by contacting

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