Multi-channel eCommerce Platform

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GeekSeller is a multi-channel eCommerce platform that provides an easy and affordable solution for all sellers.

Integration with major platforms

Walmart US/DSV/Canada, eBay US/International/Motors, Amazon US/Canada/Europe, Google Actions, Houzz, Wayfair, Groupon, Overstock, Shopify, WordPress, BigCommerce, ShipStation and more.

Official Partnerships

As official partners of the top marketplaces, we have access to priority support channels that help us get better solutions faster.


Automated order and quantity management help prevent overselling, but more advanced options can route orders and quantity based on customized rules.

Customer Support

Our support team guides sellers through onboarding and ongoing maintenance. We’re available via email, screen-share sessions, phone, and live chat.

Product Management

Create and edit products for multiple marketplaces from a centralized platform.

Inventory Management

Make bulk quantity updates using a CSV or XLS file from the GeekSeller panel.

Order Management

Process orders, returns, and refunds.


Track sales data across all connected platforms through a variety of customizable graphs and reports.

Connect Deliverr and GeekSeller

Free integration in just a few clicks