Order management software

What is Linnworks?

Linnworks’ Order and Inventory Management System helps automate your online selling process, providing you with the tools and support to scale your business across multiple marketplaces and eCommerce platforms.

Trusted by over 4,000 online sellers worldwide, Linnworks specifically enables you to manage your inventory, orders, listings, shipping, and more from one centralized location. This eliminates human errors such as overselling, reduces cost, and saves you time.


Multi-channel management features

Combine all of your selling processes in one fast cloud-based system.

  • Multi-channel listings
  • Multi-channel inventory sync
  • Multiple warehouse locations
  • Native shipping integrations and integrations to shipping aggregators


Inventory management features

Manage your inventory and data from the cloud, synchronize stock across multiple channels, and have full visibility of your items wherever they are in the supply chain with inventory batch tracing functionality.

  • Inventory automation rules
  • Bundles & composites management
  • Variations management
  • Batch tracking
  • Expiry date tracking
  • First in first out
  • Stock valuation
  • Warehouse transfer
  • Stock forecasting


Clear reporting and demand forecasting

Get inventory performance reports to extract meaningful insights and make better marketing decisions. Predict the optimum reorder times with average daily stock consumption, and anticipate sales demand with inventory forecasting.

  • Prebuilt inventory and performance reports
  • Query data
  • Custom reporting

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