Listing Mirror

Listing Management, Order Fulfillment, & Inventory Syncing

What is Listing Mirror?

Listing Mirror is a multi-channel commerce solution that handles listing data management, order fulfillment, inventory syncing, and more. Their tools help you to Sell More and Work Less, with a seamless Deliverr integration so you can get fast shipping tags on your listings.

Listing Data Management

Listing Mirror takes your current product data and copies them (including all images) to the channels of your choosing. This allows you to reach multiple audiences and boost your chances of making a sale! Use Listing Mirror to:

  • Sync Listing Data to all Channels
  • Manage Variations Listings
  • Maintain Differing Listing Data Between Channels
  • Change Pricing Automatically
  • Build Custom eBay Templates
  • Effectively List to Walmart


Order Fulfillment

Use Listing Mirror with Deliverr to get centralized order management and automatic tracking updates. Organize your various fulfillment services in one place, and utilize our integration to get on fast shipping programs such as 2-day delivery for Shopify and Walmart 2-day delivery.


Inventory Syncing

With Listing Mirror, you don’t have to worry about overselling. Deliverr will keep Listing Mirror up to date with your available quantities, and Listing Mirror will sync that quantity to all of your selling channels. You can also enable more refined inventory controls through Listing Mirror’s robust inventory management tools as well as view the inventory history of any product.

Connect Deliverr and Listing Mirror

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