Connect your channels and tools

What is Pipe17?

Pipe17 replaces the pain associated with disconnected systems in your commerce operation with end-to-end data synchronization, real-time visibility and centralized control of your orders, inventory and products.

Are Disconnected Partners, Applications and Channels Hurting Your Business?

Are you experiencing any of these symptoms?

  • Ongoing operational hiccups that impact your customers
  • Scaling and agility issues that turn into missed opportunities and lost margin
  • The feeling that you are “flying blind” with your operation
  • It takes way too long to reconcile your orders and inventory
  • Too much time spent on tactical firefighting, not enough solving strategic issues
  • Errors and wasted time from relying on spreadsheets and manual data entry
  • Too difficult to integrate new useful applications into the business
  • Overworked, stressed-out employees

If you are then it’s likely you have a connection problem and Pipe17 can help.

Pipe17 Connector for Deliverr can connect your Deliverr account for frictionless sharing of order, inventory and product information, real-time status updates and more. Connect with financial applications like NetSuite, Quickbooks and Xero;  3rd party selling channels like eBay, Etsy or ExpertVoice;  as well as EDI and Point of Sale systems or 400+ other applications.  If Pipe17 doesn’t have the connector you need, they will build it for you at no additional charge.

Business the Way you Want It

With 400+ connectors and more arriving all the time, Pipe17 works with all of your existing commerce applications and lets you add and switch applications more easily so you are always doing business the way you want to.

Don’t Fight your ERP, Connect it!

Pipe17 enhances the capabilities of your ERP by connecting  it to all your partners, applications and channels, continually synchronizing data and reconciling your items, orders and inventory for faster closes.

In addition, Pipe17 gives the operations team its own dashboard command center for managing fulfillment so they can be more productive with less effort.  And if you don’t have an ERP, Pipe17 works just as well with accounting apps like Quickbooks, Xero and others.

Find Problems Before Your Customers Find Them

Pipe17 monitors all your order and inventory activity and notifies you when exceptions or errors occur so you can keep your commitments and fix problems before your customer finds them.

Connect Deliverr and Pipe17

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