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Automated returns management system

For a quick 2-minute tutorial on how to set up your Returnly <> Loop integration, please find our Help Center article here.

What does the Deliverr – Returnly Integration do?

The integration between Deliverr and Returnly is a two way integration, responsible for the following:

  • Create returns within Deliverr when a return is initiated through Returnly
  • Process or flag a return within Returnly based on items received and inspected by Deliverr
  • For a quick 2-minute tutorial on how to set up your Returnly <> Loop integration, please find our Help Center Article here: Returnly Setup Help Center Article

One-click integration

Access your return orders created on Returnly by connecting it to your Deliverr account for ease of use.

Return processing, disposition and inventory control all in one place

Enjoy transparent return processing updates and outcomes of inspection both in Deliverr and Returnly, and easily manage disposition rules in Deliverr. Track your customer feedback in one place, helping you prevent returns in the future.

Automated refunds

Automate refunds to your customers when a returned item is found as expected.

Cost-effective savings in more ways than one

Our commitment to competitive, transparent pricing means you’ll always get the best price and never wonder what additional costs you might incur. As of June 2022, processing your returns with Deliverr is only a $3 flat rate per item. This includes all processing and managing of the inventory through restocking.

Wow your customers with a 91 CSAT rating

Get the right items in your customers’ hands and convert more returns into seamless exchanges, as supported by Deliverr’s fast fulfillment.

Leverage Returnly Credit

Customers make mistakes. Don’t make them wait weeks to correct them. With Returnly Credit, you can ship out the right order and Returnly will bear the risk of the customer returning the wrong one.

Learn how to connect your Returnly to your Deliverr account here.