What is Walmart 2-day shipping and how do I enable it?

Update: Walmart Free 2-day shipping is now TwoDay Delivery. Fast shipping badges display as 2-day delivery.

Walmart’s free 2-day delivery is their answer to Amazon Prime. It’s poised to present a huge opportunity for eCommerce sellers to succeed with fast delivery.

We’ve already seen massive results from sellers using Deliverr fulfillment services to enable Walmart TwoDay, including winning the buy box and driving sales.

This article will go over what Walmart 2-day delivery is, challenges to entry, and how to use fast shipping tags to convert shoppers into buyers.

What is Walmart 2-day delivery?

What is Walmart 2-day shipping?

Walmart TwoDay is a fast shipping program that guarantees nationwide delivery within 2 business days for the contiguous United States. It’s completely free for shoppers, with no minimum purchase.

If you’ve enabled the 2-day delivery tag on your listings, it will appear in 3 different places for buyers to see.

  • Search results: When users search for products
  • Item description: When users check product pages
  • Above the “add to cart” button: When users make a buying decision

Location of 2-day shipping tags

Why to enable Walmart 2-day delivery

As Amazon begins focusing more on their own private labels, it’s becoming more dangerous for eCommerce sellers to sell exclusively on one marketplace. Walmart is an excellent place to branch out, with quickly increasing eCommerce sales and $122.7 billion in revenue in Q1 2018.

According to TechCrunch, 60% of sellers plan to diversify to other channels, with Walmart emerging as the most preferred marketplace, followed by Shopify and eBay.

Walmart is shifting focus to fast and free shipping, and has architected their website around their fast shipping tags. This is an  early warning sign that fast delivery will play a key role in being a successful Walmart seller, so it’s important to get in ahead of your competition.

Increase visibility

In order to stand out, sellers must focus on their visibility in search results.

Prominence of 2-day shipping on Walmart.com homepage

The heavy focus Walmart is placing on fast shipping means buyers are likely to filter for fast shipping tags, and see 2-day delivery items with reduced competition.

Laptop search results with no filter

There are 5,632 listings for a “Lenovo laptop” on Walmart. In comparison, when you click the highlighted 2-day shipping option, that number drops down to 108.

Laptop search results with 2-day shipping filter

Fast shipping tags eliminate 98% of the competition for this search term.

So, listings without fast shipping tags will either be eliminated from filtered results completely, or be pushed down to the bottom since Walmart.com focuses on fast shipping even in regular search results.

Stop competing on price

If you take a look at the results for “large dog crate” below, you’ll notice that the items with free 2-day shipping tags are among the most expensive…yet they rank highly in search results.

Higher prices for faster shipping

This shows us that both the Walmart.com platform as well as their buyers value 2-day shipping, and are even willing to pay a premium for it.

We have seen sellers get more than a 100% lift in sales as a result of enabling Walmart 2-day delivery. With results like that, this is something no eCommerce seller can afford to ignore.

How to Get the Walmart 2-day delivery Tag

Getting on Walmart TwoDay poses some challenges, since to be eligible you need to ensure nationwide 2-day shipping for free.

Sellers must carefully weigh the cost and profitability of shipping options, and analyze whether the added conversions from fast shipping tags will offset any added cost.

There are 2 ways to enable Walmart 2-day delivery: seller-fulfilled and Deliverr.


How to get a seller-fulfilled Walmart 2-day tag

If you decide to go the seller-fulfilled route, you’ll have to ensure 0 days lag, expedited shipping, and free shipping. You must also maintain strict performance requirements;

  • >95% on-time shipping
  • >95% on-time delivery
  • >95% valid tracking rate
  • <1.5% cancel rate
  • 100 or more fulfilled orders in the past 30 days

To apply for these fast tags, sellers must request access through Seller Center. Walmart will let you know within 48 hours whether you’ve been approved or denied for the program.

Sellers can also designate the regions and states they can support 2-day delivery to, so fast shipping tags will only appear to shoppers in those areas.

The easy way to enable Walmart 2-day

Deliverr integrates directly into Walmart TwoDay Delivery, allowing sellers to set up an account in under 2 minutes to get 2-day delivery coverage nationwide. All Deliverr sellers are pre-approved for Walmart’s fast shipping tags.

A Walmart.com seller using Deliverr to gain fast-shipping tags
A Walmart.com seller using Deliverr to gain fast-shipping tags

Deliverr sellers can enable Walmart 2-day delivery right from their Deliverr dashboard. Participating SKUs should reflect fast shipping tags within 24 hours.

Our sellers enjoy fast onboarding, a streamlined process, and increased conversions upon activating the 2-day shipping tags on Walmart. Let us handle the logistics that’ll get (and keep) your 2-day shipping tags, and watch your Walmart conversions soar.

2-day shipping in 2 minutes or less 🙂

Getting on Walmart Free 2-Day Delivery: Self-fulfilled vs. Fulfillment with Deliverr

There are 2 main ways to attain and maintain 2-day delivery tags: self-fulfillment and Deliverr fulfillment – both with their advantages and disadvantages.

Self-fulfilled Walmart Free 2-Day Delivery

In-house fulfillment for 2-day deliveries involves you (the seller) sourcing, storing, picking, and shipping the products yourself. This has the added benefits of:


Online sellers self-fulfilling deliveries retain control and visibility of the shipping process – from the moment the stock reaches the warehouse to the moment it lands on the doorstep. Sellers at the beginning of their eCommerce journey will find this option useful in learning more about the fulfillment process, but as orders start to creep up and expansion begins, many online sellers find it difficult to maintain control. Be careful not to allow this to lead to poor delivery standards, missed deadlines, customer complaints, and ineligibility for shipping programs.


In-house fulfillment also avoids the added costs of an external party. However, the more you grow, the more costly in-house fulfillment becomes, with warehousing, operational and staffing costs adding up.

Also, most sellers who self-fulfill only have 1 warehouse. That means their 2-day tag coverage is limited to approximately 30% of the U.S. If sellers want to offer nationwide 2-day shipping, their costs could be considerably more expensive.

Tip: Using a fulfillment calculator can identify the cheaper option for your business, taking into account all-inclusive fulfillment providers who have no added costs, long-term contracts or hidden fees.


Outsourcing fulfillment requires integration with another platform and more software, which can be draining for a small business. As you begin to grow and expand across multiple sales channels, additional multi-channel selling tools and inventory management software become all the more necessary. You might find that outsourcing fulfillment is a more cost-effective way to access this technology without the costs of licenses and training.

Pre-Approved access to Walmart Free 2-Day Delivery with Deliverr

The alternative to self-fulfilled Walmart 2-day delivery  is to go with Walmart’s fulfillment partner, Deliverr. Some of the benefits of outsourcing to Deliverr include:

Fast deliveries

Deliverr has the expertise required to get your products to customers in 2 days, using fulfillment knowledge, multiple geographical locations, warehousing space, a skilled team of employees, and software that integrates with your Walmart account. Once an order is received, it’s quickly out the door and into the customer’s hands.

Nationwide coverage

Whereas 1 warehouse can get you approximately 30% coverage, Deliverr provides nationwide 2-day shipping coverage. That means shoppers across the U.S. will see the 2-day delivery tag on your listings.

Automatic eligibility

Deliverr sellers have pre-approved access to 2-day delivery, enabling you to start selling on the program more quickly. Fulfilling with Deliverr also gives you peace of mind knowing that you will always meet the delivery standards, regardless of how busy you are or how far away your customers live.

Low fulfillment costs

Cost is one of the biggest concerns for online sellers thinking about outsourced fulfillment, but it shouldn’t be. Deliverr provides the most cost-effective options to deliver your products quickly, allowing you to also benefit from discounted shipping rates, volume packaging costs, and lower warehousing expenses.

These added savings can increase your margins, enabling you to offer lower prices and invest in marketing (such as Walmart Sponsored Products).

Happy customers

Deliverr aims for fulfillment that delights online shoppers. Fast shipping, high standards, and working tracking numbers throughout the entire process makes for happy customers, which creates loyal customers.


The best part of outsourced fulfillment allows you to grow your customers, product lines, and sales without worrying about what impact this might have on your ability to meet 2-day standards.

You can even expand your eCommerce business to multiple sales channels, confident that Deliverr will meet the requirements of other fast shipping programs (such as eBay Guaranteed Delivery) by using their multi-channel fulfillment platform.

Choosing the right Walmart Free 2-Day Delivery fulfillment option

Appearing on Walmart’s Free 2-Day delivery program is a no-brainer. It results in increased visibility, buy box preference, and more sales. Whether you achieve that through self-fulfillment or outsourcing is a decision with plenty of considerations, but ultimately it’s down to what best achieves results for your customers and your eCommerce business growth.

What happened to Walmart 2-day shipping?

Walmart 2-day shipping has rebranded to Walmart TwoDay Delivery. The on-site badging remains “2-day delivery.”

Bonus: Introducing Walmart Sponsored Products

Another bonus of working with Deliverr with Walmart TwoDay is you get exclusive access to Walmart Sponsored Products. These ads will appear across Walmart on desktop, mobile, and app, boosting visibility at the right time for conversions.

  • Efficient, CPC native advertisements on Walmart.com
  • Served to specific shoppers throughout the purchasing funnel
  • Send buyers directly to your product page to shorten path to purchase

Deliverr sellers can monitor and control their ads themselves, and get access to unlimited campaigns for up to 300 SKUs. You’ll be able to track ad impressions, set your own CPC, and monitor ad spend versus purchases.

All you’ll have to do is:

  • Create a campaign
  • Enter a name, budget and timing
  • Select your items
  • Go with recommended CPC or set your own
  • Schedule your campaign

Performance ads, paired with the fast shipping tags, will help to put your items in a strong position throughout the Walmart marketplace.

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